Why aren’t there more pictures of you on the website?

I do things a little differently.

It’s all about you, not me.

I want you to create your life and be able to fully be you.

You are the important person. 

I’m here to make you glow.

Pictures of me take the focus off you and put it on me.

The spotlight is on you. 



Do you work with LGBTQ community?




Do I have to be a woman to get support?

No. While the majority of my clients are women, I have a powerful and growing audience of men. The content is not gender specific and everyone is welcome.




Do you offer phone or in person coaching sessions?

Nope, only email, at this time. I believe that in this area of coaching, you get better support using email.  See the benefits here.  



What payments do you accept?

I accept Paypal or credit card processing through Stripe. Please don’t contact me and ask me to accept anything else, the answer will be no.







Can I put the coaching package on pause?

I only accept a certain number of clients each month. If you put the coaching on pause, I can’t guarantee that there will be a future opening.



Do you accept installment payments?




What is your refund policy?

I don’t offer refunds on coaching services or digital courses. 

I provide a lot of free content so that you get a feel for how I work. 

I encourage you ask all the questions you want beforehand, so that you know this is the right program for you.

Coaching can be a lot of fun but at other times it can feel very challenging. I don’t want you to give up on yourself. I want you to focus and build your ideal life.




What if I have a question that is not listed here?

Get in touch with me. I’m happy to answer your questions. Click here.

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