People know that they shouldn’t allow the words and behaviors of other people impact them. However, that’s easier said than done. Life is complicated, and so are relationships.   It’s no wonder that sometimes people get all tangled up in their attempt to “help out” or be of service.

There’s nothing wrong with trying to help out another person or situation,

Unless it creates drama and frustration in their own lives.

Drama and frustration almost always result in unhappiness.

Being happy is almost everyone’s intention.

When I coach my clients through complicated situations and help them deal with other people in their lives,

I teach them the drama free plan.

This plan allows my clients to be part of the solution, provide support, and be involved without becoming a victim of drama.

Essentially, the drama free plan is two questions and an action.

Can you control it?

Can you influence it?

Release it.


This very simple plan always works. 

It helps people improve their relationships and situations. The reason this plan is successful is because it’s simple. Using the plan, my clients bring their best self to their friends, their family, and to any situation.

When people bring their best self to a problem, they don’t complicate it. 

Instead, they create a solution.

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