Angelina Borak




Are you stuck in a life that you don’t like?

You feel like a hamster on a monotonous wheel. You’re working hard and getting nowhere as years slip away.

Life suddenly changed (divorce, death, break-up) and you can’t get a grip. You’re confused, scared, and not sure how to move forward.

It seems as though your only purpose is to take care of your kids, friends, partner, and the dog. There’s no more spark, just work.

You’re troubled by self-loathing and feel you are unworthy. You constantly compare yourself to others and find yourself lacking.

You no longer find joy in the things you used to love. Life seems to drag by and you wonder if you’re depressed.

Everyone but you seems to have a good life and a smile on their face. You wonder why other people get ahead while you struggle.

If you recognize yourself and wish that you had someone in your corner to help you get unstuck, I’ve got you covered.

20190929_195538.jpgI’m Angelina-Certified Personal Coach

Certified in Relationships, Life, Professional, Spiritual, Hypnotic, and Bereavement

Author of UnLocked: How to Be Happy With Yourself


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