Angelina Borak







I’ve read hundreds of books about dating, life, and relationships. Honestly they make me double over in fits of uncontrollable laughter with the outrageous rules, the different ways to turn yourself into pretzel, and piles of BS opinion advice.

Keep burning that popcorn in hopes of getting a free meal, chanting that positive affirmation like your life depends on it, or keep writing pages and pages about how thankful you are for air.

OR you could try something else…

and embrace being completely unique with all your interesting quarks, flaws, and becoming euphorically you without worrying that this is as “good as it gets”…


This euphoric journey, this approach to joie de vivre, this enthusiastic sojourn is what gets you to…




You be the judge.



Get your FREE copy of the ultimate euphoric life journey: how to create a new life with your sanity, your dignity & your mascara intact.

Never hang your head in shame, feel less than, or embarrassed… EVER AGAIN!

Take The Oath…

Become A Flame

I hereby solemnly swear that I will ignite my spark just like a three year old is committed to throwing random tantrums.

I refuse to let my flame go out by smiling politely, playing nicely, or putting up with BS so that people will like me.

I’m a Flame and I will create my own euphoric life, love, and relationships because I am on a Euphoric Life Journey.