Can’t shake the feeling that there should be more to life?

Has life changed and you’re having a difficult time finding your way back to a happy place?

Having a hard time reaching your goals or moving forward?

Feeling like there’s something wrong with you?

Is time moving fast but your life seems stuck?

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But you still want to be happy.

As a result, you look for ways to create happiness.

  • Buy the newest best seller.
  • Buy a planner and all of the accessories.
  • Sign up for monthly subscription boxes.
  • Buy a espresso maker.
  • Buy an expensive fine fragrance.
  • Buy a name brand lipstick, face cream, and mascara.
  • Buy a luxurious handbag.
  • Splurge on a really expensive cut and color.
  • Buy a nice piece of jewelry.

These are all great things for you to do…

and so is life coaching. 




A fresh perspective and a proven plan.

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  The Happiness Formula gets results.

Here’s The Results You Can Expect…

You’ll feel good about yourself without needing to fix everything in your life. Instead of comparing yourself to others and sabotaging yourself, you’ll feel comfortable with who you are.
You’ll see positive life changes that will inspire you to keep creating a better life. Instead of feeling like a failure, you’ll know with certainty that your hard work produces your desired outcomes.
You’ll wake up in the morning feeling joyful and excited about what the day will bring. Instead of worrying, you’ll create a lifestyle that make you feel secure and safe.


You’ll regain your spark and bring balance back into life. Instead of life feeling monotonous or like all work and no play, you’ll make time for things that inspire you.
You’ll recover from the past and move forward with purpose. Instead of being fearful or confused, you’ll be confident in your ability to redesign your life.
You’ll build strong, healthy relationships that support you. Instead of always working on your relationships, you’ll experience more love.


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How do we get started?

Coaching is a relationship. Just like any relationship, there’s a natural progression.

You wouldn’t say hello to someone on a dating site and then consider that person your significant other, right?

Me either.

We need to get to know each other.  The only way we can know if we’re a match is to have a conversation.

That’s why coaching with me starts with a conversation.  If you think we might be a match, press the button below and tell me a little bit about yourself.

I’ll schedule a call with you.

In that call we’ll talk about you, and you’ll get a feeling of what it’s like to work with me. This isn’t a sales call. I think sales calls are creepy.

After the call if we want to work together, we’ll make it work.

Get Started

Below you’ll find four coaching packages to give you an idea of what it costs to work with me.



























How do we get started?

If you want to work with me, click the button below which will take you to an easy application. I’ll schedule a call if we match and we’ll take it from there. If, alas, we’re not a match, I’ll let you know by email. 

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