Certified Love and Life Coach.

I help women heal from failed love, rebuild their ideal lives, and unlock Love Locks.


LoveLocks not cursed

I know what you are going through because I have been there.

A divorce and a string of relationships that looked promising but went terribly wrong in the end.

So I went looking for help. I couldn’t find that help.

As a result, I became the coach that I needed.

I spent years studying coaching, love, universal laws, and how to select the right partner but it felt like there was more too it.

I worked with clients and implemented what I knew. Some clients had incredible success but others were still struggling.

I wanted to know why.

So I started looking at each client and comparing why one was successful and the other one wasn’t.

The results were amazing.

My clients that were successful were embracing self-love, changing their deep rooted beliefs, and allowing the right energy to flow into their lives.

Not only were they succeeding in love but all areas of their lives.

They were manifesting their ideal lives.

They unlocked their Love Locks.

I started focusing more on Love Locks with my clients that were still struggling and I started to see more and more of them succeeding.


Certified Love and Life Coach











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