Accepting (This is as good as it’s going to get) 

Watching (Facebook updates…Everyone has such a freaking amazing life)

Avoiding (Everyone asks not to make eye contact)



It’s not (just) about getting by.

It’s not (just) about finding another dead end relationship.

It’s not (just) about feeling okay.


You MUST create a life so good others think you found a secret elixir.

You MUST beat out the dating competition by being the smoking hot choice (even if you think you’re closer to ogre status than Baywatch Babe).

You MUST give up the bland and add some spicy special sauce back into life.

You don’t have to be perfect, have it all together, or be the prettiest woman but…

if you don’t create a euphoric life you’ll keep living the leftover life.

That’s where I come in…


I help the confused, the frustrated, and the disillusioned smash through the limitations of a leftover life create a euphoric existence.


I’m Angelina.

I’m a Hippie Mom (Read: I work at odd times such as 2 a.m and believe that avocados are sacred.)

I’m a Forced Optimist (Read: Life has flat out forced me to make lemonade out of lemons.)

I’m a Cautious Adventurer (Read: I like to take the road less traveled but only after I’ve created a “what if” plan.)

I’m also a Hallmark loving Disabled Army Veteran that has worked with multiple industries negotiating their technology needs with their employee’s fears, I’ve taught at the college level, and I’ve supported women from all walks of life get through their divorce and make their ex-husbands slap themselves silly for letting such a “good one” go.



That people get in the habit of being miserable and that sometimes a house has to land on them to get them to take action but when they do,  they create the extraordinary.

That when a person exercises a teeny, tiny bit of courage life changes.

That what mothers want is to spare their children pain and what children want is to spare their mothers pain.


My favorite foods made me lose weight instead of gain it.

The no one ever felt lonely, unlovable, or like a leftover person.

That everyone had access to all the resources they needed to be and do whatever they wanted (and there were no more evil plots).



Being able to cut through all the crap and create an out of the box solution to any problem.  Unless it has to with snakes or my toddler’s temper tantrum…then I’m like a quivering bowl of Jello.



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