Let’s talk about you!

(I’ll get to me in a second.)

Life isn’t right for you at the moment.

  • Maybe you went through a divorce or another life-changing event and haven’t gotten back to a happy place.
  • Maybe you don’t like yourself right now.
  • Maybe life just feels flat and you want a spark.
  • Maybe you feel weak and empty.
  • Maybe you’re having too many moody, grumpy days.
  • Or maybe something else is preventing you from being happy.

You might be wondering if you’ll ever be happy again.

Do you wish that you could find a coach who would actually, honestly change all of that?

Especially, a coach who made the process fun and had a proven system to change the way you feel about yourself and your life?

Well, here I am.  I’m that coach. You’re in the right place.

I have a system, The Happiness Formula, which gives you a path to a life you’ll love. A Happy Path.

I’ve got you covered. I can help you be happy again.

Now, just breathe!


I’m a single, divorced mom to a very energetic kiddo. I’m a Scorpio, over the age of forty, and love avocados and grilled cheese sandwiches.

I’ve developed and use The Happiness Formula to help you get happy and change your life.

Learn more about The Happiness Formula here.


My Qualifications 

I’m a Certified Personal Coach (certified in Relationships, Life, Professional, Spiritual, Hypnotic, and Bereavement) with over a decade of coaching experience.

I’m a Disabled Army Veteran.

I’ve been in leadership and executive roles in multiple industries.

I’ve taught at the college level.

I graduated magnum cum laude with a Bachelor of Science in Information Technology and Business Administration.




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