The first time I coached someone was in 1994 in Army Basic Training.  I sat next to a fellow solider, while shining our boots, and listened to her. I asked her questions about her past, why she was in the Army, and what her dreams were. When we were done, she asked if we could do it again and offered to shine my boots if I was willing to talk with her again.  Coaching wasn’t mainstream or really known at that time. So I had no idea what to call it, maybe counseling.  I was later discharged from the Army for an injury.

I went on to college to study psychology. I wanted to do what I had done for that solider as a career. I knew it was my calling. However, after taking two years of classes, I realized that what I was learning and what I really wanted to do were not the same. So I changed majors. I went on to graduate Magna Cum Laude with a degree in Computer Information Systems and Business Administration. A few years after graduation I was an IT executive. I was also an adjunct college instructor.   I still remembered my conversation with my Army buddy and I spoke with students and co-workers the same way I spoke with that solider.  I loved these conversations. I noticed that the people I spoke to changed. They were starting to live their dreams.  They would thank me. I would beam with happiness. However, I quickly became dissatisfied. I want to do more conversations and less software acquisition. I wanted to help people.  Years later I left that field. I became a stay-at-home wife while searching for a way to make conversations my career.

​    A few years later, I found myself going through a divorce. I spent thousands of dollars on counseling. It wasn’t really helping but it was nice to talk to someone. After being told to go buy some shoes or a lipstick as a way to overcome sadness, I was done with counseling!   In one last attempt, I hired a coach. Things changed and they changed FAST! The lady was doing what I wanted to do. What I had been doing for twenty-five years. So I went to two different coaching schools, started reading everything that was related to coaching and started coaching. I coached for free, I coached for services traded, I coached people in stores or parking lots, and then I coached for twenty dollars a session.  Almost a decade later, I am still coaching and transforming. The dreams of my clients keep getting bigger and bigger. I keep helping them make huge transformations and changing their futures.

My clients:

A newly divorced mom kicked the mean girl out of her head, lost 50 pounds, and opened her own business making six figures within two years.

A nurse in her mid 50’s let go of negativity at her workplace, started practicing self-love, and learned to love asking for what she wanted. She got promoted and doubled her salary!  She also finally fully committed to her relationship.

A client quit her mid-level executive job, became a consultant, and just opened her second business.

A client lost touch with her family because she felt they abused her and didn’t value her. After a change in thinking, she has reunited with her family, started a second career, and got to see her grandson born.

Another client hated her job, hated her co-workers, and was ready to quit another dream. She transformed her thinking. She is now friends with her co-workers, loves her job, and went back to school to continue her dream.  She got her job to give her a scholarship. She also met her new husband at her job.

One of my single clients just had a baby at age 42. She also opened her own business so she could be with her child and not miss a moment.

My clients achieve their dreams and change their futures!


  • World Coach Institute
  • Colorado Coaching and Hypnotherapy Training Institute
  • B.S. in Computer Information Systems and Business Administration


  • Professional Coach
  • Life Coach
  • Relationship Coach
  • Spiritual Coach
  • Bereavement Coach
  • Hypnotic Coach