You’re an artist and you’re in the process of creating your masterpiece.


You don’t really know that you’re that you’re creating your masterpiece.

You probably aren’t using right tools to paint your masterpiece.

More than likely you haven’t spent any time designing your masterpiece.


Let’s start at the beginning. When you were around five years old, you started school and your education continued until you were eighteen. During those years you learned the basics like reading, writing, math, science, etc.  You also learned social skills and how to interact with other kids.

During those interactions with other kids you learned your place in that limited society.  Before those interactions you were a kid without a lot of thought about how others perceived you. You were in a protected bubble of childhood bliss completely happy with yourself.


Good, bad, or ugly those interactions labeled you and you grew to accept those labels. Those labels took away the euphoric bliss of accepting yourself and being completely happy in your own skin.


After high school you may have gone on to college, the military, a trade school, or got a job. You were free from the limited society and the labels.


Except many of us are never really free from the labels or the way we were treated during those thirteen years.  Which means that you believe what a bunch fifteen years old thought of you and are still living that label.  Even at age 40 and beyond those labels are still with you.


Those labels have now combined with the other lumps and bumps that we get as we go through life (divorces, perceived failures, disappointments, getting fired from a job, not getting the job, etc.) to create a sticky tangled mess in your mind.


Back to those school years. When you were in school the big goal was to graduate from high school. However, at age 5 you had thirteen years before you would achieve that goal.  Thirteen years is a considerable chunk of time.  As a result the big goal was broken down into smaller goals.  The result was thirteen grades, one for each year.  Then the big goal was broken down even further by using quarters.  Instead of one long goal, it was broken down into fifty-two smaller goals.

Those fifty-two goals got broken down even further by subject like science, math, reading etc. Resulting in over three hundred and twelve goals.


In addition to smaller goals, a team of teachers, parents, and administrators were there to help support you through the goal and they created accountability by giving you a grade for each subject. You couldn’t just show up and make it to the end without some level of commitment and expenditure of energy.

Most of us graduated with the basic required knowledge and went on our merry ways.

Here’s what we all missed.

The school system gave us a basic formula on how to succeed by breaking down a big goal into smaller goals, developing a plan, creating accountability, and providing a support system through peers, parents, and the school’s staff.


Now back to your masterpiece.


Your life is your masterpiece.


You spend every single second of everyday creating that masterpiece.


Your mind and how you feel about yourself is the canvas.

If you think negatively about yourself, you’ll have a messy canvas that’s impossible to paint let alone turn into a masterpiece that you’ll be happy with.


Your support system, accountability, plans, and goals are your paint brushes.

These are the tools that use to create the masterpiece of your dreams.


The easel that you use to create your masterpiece has three legs.  Those three legs are restoration, reality, and relationships.



Restoration allows you to get to know your authentic self and create a relationship with yourself.  All of those years of holding on to negative thoughts and beliefs have created a thing we call Love Locks at the Euphoric Life Journey. Those Love Locks negatively impact our reality and our relationships.

It took you years to build those Love Locks.  By using baby steps, consistency, and progress not perfection, you’ll be able to unlock those Love Locks.


Creating a euphoric life (your masterpiece) is about living your dreams, big or small.  Dreams don’t fall out of the sky and land in your lap. You have to create and develop them.

A euphoric reality is achieved by setting up and achieving goals. Goals are achieved again by baby steps, consistency, and progress not perfection.


No person is an island. We not only need but depend on our relationships with others.

Developing your external relationships is critical to your masterpiece. Those relationships include your kids, family, friends, and the finally your potential partner (even if you don’t      know who they are yet).

The goal is to conscientiously create opportunities to strengthen your current relationships.


Balancing and harmonizing these three things creates the formula for your masterpiece:

Restoration + Reality + Relationships = A Euphoric Life


If one of those legs are missing you won’t have a stable easel in order to paint your masterpiece.


Here are three ways to start creating harmony in restoration, reality, and relationships.


Your reality is a direct reflection of you inner thoughts and belief about yourself.  You must create change by unlearning your label and the negative things that you believe about yourself. The truth is that all that self-bashing is counterproductive and does not produce a better you.

You must decide that the negative self-talk is a bad habit and quit.  This means that you have to pay attention to what you are saying to yourself and when you find yourself beating yourself up you stop the negative thoughts and replace them with positive thoughts.

Another way to work on your restoration is to use my Three Times Two method.

Three positive thoughts about yourself in the morning.

Three positive thoughts about yourself before bed.

Just for fun let’s put some numbers to this.

6 new positive thoughts about yourself every day.

186 new positive thoughts a month.

2,232 new positive thoughts about yourself a year.

That’s a good start for your restoration.



Creating a euphoric reality is really about achieving the things that you want to experience. Which means creating goals. However, just writing a statement of desire is not enough. You must also have action steps, motivational and inspirational visual signals in your environment (pillars as I call them), and a schedule.

The first goals that need to be achieved are in the areas where you’re feeling pain or discomfort in life. It’s hard to chase the really big dreams if there are topics that causing an energy drain.  Start with your pain points and get them soothed to a manageable state while developing and planning the big dreams.  Once the pain points are manageable the big dreams get clearer and easier to achieve.



The right relationships provide support, motivation, and laughter. The wrong relationships can be destructive.  The goal is to find and strengthen the right relationships while removing or minimizing the wrong ones.

Every relationship is unique and has pros and cons. Your goal is to start choosing the right relationships for you and enhance the pros and minimize the cons. Your kids and family obviously get special treatment and consideration.

The benefits of doing the restorative work and building a happy reality is that you’ll have a strong foundation under you when you invite new relationships into your life. Until that work is done, it can be hard to tell who the right people are especially when it comes to potential partners.

However, the easiest way to evaluate your relationships is examine how you feel around that person.

Ask yourself three questions:

When I’m around this person do I feel energized?

Can I express who I really am around this person?

Is the relationship healthy and supportive?


I’ve given you three steps to start working on your masterpiece.

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