You’re an artist and you’re in the process of creating your masterpiece.


Your life is your masterpiece.


You spend every single second of everyday creating that masterpiece.


Your thoughts are your paints.

Your goals and intentions are your paint brushes.

Your canvas is your desire to create your life.

The easel that you use to create your masterpiece has three legs.

Those three legs are you, your life, and your relationships.

If one of these legs are weak or missing, you won’t have a stable easel upon which to place your canvas while you paint.



The first step to creating your amazing masterpiece is cleaning up your toxic beliefs.

How you feel about yourself is a direct reflection of you inner thoughts and beliefs.

If you want beautiful paints for your canvas, you must clean up your negativities to keep the colors vibrant.

You must decide that negative beliefs and self-talk are bad habits that must be controlled.  Pay attention to what you’re saying to yourself and thinking about yourself. When your thoughts and words are negative, stop yourself.  Then shift to positive word and thoughts that make you feel good about yourself.

Years of holding on to negative thoughts and toxic beliefs have created damaging, false self-concepts that I refer to as Love Locks.

Love Locks negatively impact your life and your relationships.

If you’re suffering from negative beliefs about yourself, click here to learn more about Love Locks and how to unlock them.


Creating a good life is about achieving positive life experiences and accomplishments. It’s about setting intentions and creating goals followed by appropriate tangible actions.  In addition to action steps,

it’s important to have the proper motivational and inspirational signals in your environment.

I refer to these signals as Pillars in my practice. Along with action steps and Pillars, it’s critical to create a schedule.

The first goals that need to be achieved are in the areas where you’re feeling pain or discomfort. It’s hard to chase the really big dreams if there are topics that causing an energy drain.

Start with your pain points,

and get them soothed to a manageable state while developing and planning the big dreams.  Once the pain points are manageable, the big dreams get clearer and easier to achieve.

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The right relationships provide support, motivation, and laughter. The wrong relationships can be destructive.

The goal is to find and strengthen the right relationships while removing or minimizing the wrong ones.

Every relationship is unique and has pros and cons. Your goal is to start choosing the right relationships, and enhance the pros while minimizing the cons. Your kids and family obviously get special treatment and consideration.

The benefits of unlocking yourself and building a happy life is that you’ll have a strong foundation when you invite new relationships into your life. Until that work is done, it can be hard to tell

Who are the right people,

especially when it comes to potential partners.

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Balancing and harmonizing these three things creates the formula for your masterpiece:

You + Life + Relationships = A Happy Masterpiece


If you’re not sure what you want your masterpiece to look like, I recommend getting clarity with my Defining Your Ideal Life Guide!