The lack of self-love is most insidious Love Lock.


This Love Locks keeps you away from the love you want in three ways:


Thoughts ~ Your thoughts create beliefs. Beliefs create actions or lack of actions.  If your thoughts are constantly telling you that you aren’t good (thin, smart, outgoing, young, etc.) enough, you are less likely to put yourself out there. If you do date, you’ll also pick partners that support your thoughts or beliefs instead of picking a partner that will love and support you.  Low self-love creates unhappy and unhealthy relationships.


Tolerance ~ The negative thoughts and beliefs that run a muck in your head create a higher acceptance for bad situations. Low self-love produces a higher tolerance for people and situations that aren’t good for you. You will stay in a situation that doesn’t service your greater good because you’re afraid and you worry that you won’t find something better.  You stay and your self-love keeps dropping.


Trust ~ Your thoughts have created beliefs. You’ve taken action and ended up in less than an optimal situation. So now you question your judgement. Without self-love your ability to trust your intuition or choices diminishes.


This cycle can repeat on an endless loop for years, decades, or even a lifetime.  This is a major Love Lock!


The key to unlocking this Love Lock is learning self-love.


Sounds easy until you actually have to do it, right?


Let’s face it – self-love is a hard skill to master if you aren’t naturally good at it. 


Did you catch the word skill in the above sentence?


If you did give yourself a gold star!


Skill… That’s the good news.

Self-love is a key to unlocking one of the biggest Love Locks and it’s a skill.  That means that you can learn it, practice it, and increase your chances at finding the love and life that you want.

The bad news is that if you aren’t naturally good at self-love, you will have to learn a new skill.  You will probably always have to work on your self-love. However, even a 1% tweak can make a huge difference on an energetic level.


Here are three ways to start learning and practicing self-love:


Self-Talk.  “Every seashell is beautiful and unique. So am I.”   There is only one of you.  You are here for a reason and the world needs you. When you are trapped in self-hatred instead of self-love, you aren’t your best self. We need your best self.


Stop indulging yourself. Negative thoughts about yourself is a habit… A bad habit.  Think of it like smoking, overeating, or overspending. It’s not good for you and you have to stop doing it if you want a happy life. Just like with any bad habit, you have to have a plan to stop indulging in it.  What triggers thoughts of self-hatred? Once these thoughts start, how will you stop indulging? What actions can you take to sooth your negative self talk? How will you be accountable?


Get to know yourself.  I know you live with yourself and you know yourself, right? Okay. Pop quiz. What’s your personality type? What are the inherent strengths of your personality?  What are your sabotages?  What are your needs?

Remember the lack of self-love is a major Love Lock and even a 1% increase in self-love can be the key to unlocking it. To start unlocking your Love Locks, get your FREE Love Lock Assessment!

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