Whoever said your profile is all about your photos is nuts.  But good photos PLUS a remarkably presented written sketch of your life and character?  NOW you’re cooking!


PICTURES capture the eye but WORDS kidnap the heart.

This Dynamite Duo is truly magical.


These two heavyweights pack a hefty punch and your reader can’t help but hit back with a message that could very well change both your lives!


So let me present what I call the Ultimate Profile Hack.


It’s what you need to transform “eh, maybe” into “I found the one!”


Because it’s the synergy of your winning smile AND your bewitching personality that drives action.


If you get them to rev up, you GOT ‘em.


When you’re trying to get their attention, you’re really evoking desire by making them imagine their greatest possible future with you.


When you’re trying to force them to get their eager fingers to message, what you really want is for it be impossible for them to NOT write that message.


When you’re trying to make them perk up and take notice of you, what you really want is for them to ignore all those other gazillion profiles.


When you’re trying to get them to shoot Cupid’s arrow, what you really want is the right person to feel the connection like a brick dropping on their big toe.


So what are these urgent tips that create euphoria?


Happy you asked.


I have compiled a list of 101 proven tips that are necessary to create a highly effective dating profile and that I strongly urge you to use in your online (and offline) communications to get desired actions.


But before I share the list, here are three planning principles that instantly release your hidden writing genius.


  1. Confidence, baby, confidence. YOU are the magic!
  2. Your mindset should be relentlessly focused on the smallest detail.
  3. Everyone wants someone to steal their heart.


And now… THE LIST:


Most of your profile content (80-90%) should be about YOU.


No lies, not even white ones.


Get a teeny bit romantic — romantic, not sexy.


Keep some thoughts to yourself.


Give a written snapshot of who you are, be real, remember the real you?


Don’t talk about your ex or a deceased spouse.


Your profile is not an autobiography.   Info from the past needs to relate to now to be of interest to a reader.



Go lightly in this section with a kind touch.


Stay away from what you don’t want – it’s a profile, not a gripe list.


Don’t box yourself in with overzealous expectations.  Leave room for compromise.



Your profile should prompt action.


Make it feel easy for people to talk to you so they’re eager to contact you.


Ask an ice-breaking, thought-provoking, and original question. Something based on their profile.



Nuts, bolts, and pizazz!


Create an imperfect profile – be natural, this is not an English 101 essay.


Don’t ask someone else to write your profile.


Do NOT use the words modest, respectful or good listener.  They’re associated with dependence.



Pictures matter so make them work FOR you.


Smile with teeth – big, happy grins win (if your teeth aren’t great, it’s best to show them from the get go.


No friends in pics; people will compare you and assess them.


Summertime outdoor photos are viewed as more attractive and fun than winter shots.


Skip the selfies.


Watch your photo background for weird or sleazy stuff.


A few random tips.


Profile length is not as critical at quality.  Average length seems to be 200-300 words. That said, short and sweet is always well received.


Fill in everything the profile asks for – don’t leave blanks or write “I’ll tell you later.”  Do not be lazy.  Real turnoff.