Creating a life that makes you happy doesn’t happen by accident.

It’s created by taking focused actions and continual evaluation.

Typically, I have my clients set up intentions or goals. You can learn how more here.

However, there are times when life needs some modification in order to keep moving in the right direction –


The easiest way to implement that modification is to use a simple technique:

A Focus Word.

A focus word is a word that a client will use for a set amount of time (a day, a week, a month, or a year).

I guide my client toward choosing a word that will help them overcome a challenge that they’re facing. Once a word is selected, they can then begin to be mindful of how they are thinking and acting.

My client can ask simple questions that will keep them focused on their word.

“Do my thoughts synchronize with my word?”

“Am I taking actions that align with my word?”

“What can I do today to incorporate my word into all segments of my life?”

For example, if a client has a stressful work week ahead, we might use the word “calm.”

Then I ask my client to look for opportunities to implement a feeling of calmness into the week ahead.

We’ll look at their schedule and set a few minutes aside for deep breathing.

We’ll rearrange a few of their daily actions so that they can go to bed and read fifteen minutes earlier.

We’ll create a mantra that produces calm thoughts that they can recite during stressful moments.

We’ll use a pillar to remind them to practice their word.

This is a simple method to help create both a desired specific outcome and overall behavior modifications.

Using just one word can produce huge results.

Simple, right?

Do you want to start seeing changes this week?

Pick a word for this week and make it the focus of the week, base your thoughts and actions on that concept, and watch how the word becomes “real” in your life.

Need some help?

I’ve put together a Word of The Week Guide just for you.


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