A few years ago, I moved from Colorado to the Gulf side of Florida.

In Colorado, I knew the weather and how to prepare for it.

Winter basically meant being well stocked on food in case of a blizzard. Spring brought tornadoes. I had a well-stocked, safe basement room for the pets and me to retreat to during warnings.

Fast forward to Florida. No blizzards or tornadoes.

I had a new house and baby. I was busy.

I forgot that Florida had hurricanes until

Hurricane Irma. I was not prepared.

It was NOT forecast to hit the Gulf Side of Florida.

And then it switched its path!  People were leaving Florida in droves.

And I was not prepared.

When I got on Amazon to find emergency items, the water was completely sold out.

The canned food was going fast!  Pretty much all I could find was tuna.  My mom, toddler, and I all dislike tuna.

I scrambled to get the house secured.

I made a communal sleeping area.

I got supplies all assembled in a central area.

Then the power went out.

We opened the tuna for dinner.

Did I mention that we have two cats?

The first sign of trouble was the cats going bonkers for the tuna.

We choked down the the tuna down while trying to defend it from the cats that had turned into crazed beasts.

The cats were acting odd which annoyed the dogs.

The house was hot and there was a hurricane outside.

We couldn’t get rid of the tuna wrapper and plates.



The power was down for almost two days.  We were lucky and sustained little damage. I learned a lot from that unfortunate situation.

Our fish story led to my creation of the UNFORTUNATE SITUATIONS CHECKLIST.