A few years ago I moved from Colorado to Gulf side of Florida.

In Colorado, I knew the weather and how to prepare for it.

Winter basically meant being well stocked on food in case of a blizzard. Spring brought tornadoes. I had a well stocked safe basement room for the pets and I to retreat to during warnings.

Fast forward to Florida. No Blizzards and hardly any tornadoes.

Add a new house and a baby…

Well I kinda forgot that Florida did have a hurricane season…

I’m not really prepared.


Enter Hurricane Irma…

It was not forecasted to hit the Gulf Side of Florida.

People were leaving Florida in droves.

In the meantime, I am just kinda bopping along…Until a few days before it’s set to hit. Irma is still not predicted to hit my side of Florida.

I do all my grocery shopping through Amazon Prime Now. I got on Amazon Prime Now and thought I would do a little stocking up…Just in case.

I had water…I also had bathtub emergency reservoirs. Water was not an issue…

but not a lot of shelf stable food.

I looked online at what was good Hurricane Preparedness Food.

When I got on Amazon, the water was completely sold out.

The can food was going fast!

Now this brings us to the TUNA…

I never eat tuna but it was on the list of good emergency food for a hurricane.

I bought some.

Fast Forward…

Hurricane Irma changes it’s path and is headed right for us!

My mom and I are scrambling to get the house secured.

Securing the lawn furniture.

Making a communal sleeping area.

Getting the supplies all assembled in a central area.

We are going to be grazed by Hurricane Irma.

Then the power goes out…

We open the tuna for dinner…

Did I mention that we have two cats?

The first sign of trouble was the cats going bonkers for the tuna…

They start stalking the tuna.

Next sign, the toddler HATES it and won’t eat it…

We choke the tuna down while trying to talk the toddler into it and defending it from the cats that have turned into crazed beasts.

The cats are still hunting for the tuna with those crazy, determined eyes that only cats have.

Now that the cats are acting odd… The dogs are sure something is up.

So they join in the hunt. It’s a mad house!

The house is so hot and there’s a hurricane outside.

We can’t get rid of the tuna wrapper and plates.


Hot humid tuna!

Unfortunate Situation!

The power was down for almost two days…

We were lucky…

You know what we really ate after trying the tuna?

Chips, cookies, dried fruit, nuts, and anything we could grab easily and munch on.


There are two things to take away…

When you plan for an emergency or an unfortunate situation always keep it simple and easy!

You will not want anything hard.

Stock up on the easy, comfort food stuff first!


The second take away is to plan ahead.

Have a kit that has a checklist with all of the items you’ll need.

Be Prepared Checklist and Phone Numbers – Put together kits and lists for bad weather, colds, car, and tools.

Add all of the phone numbers that you might need from you salon, babysitter, the police department, plumber, to the insurance company. Don’t rely on your cell phone to store those numbers because one mishap and you’re completely disconnected.

Make sure you know how to:

  • Turn off the water (main, toilets, sink, ice maker, and water heater) in your home.
  • Shut off the gas and electricity.
  • Insurance number and protocols
  • Batteries in smoke and carbon detectors



Are you ready to start living euphorically?