Happy people know that…

Happiness isn’t luck.

It isn’t having everything you want.

It isn’t the things you do.

It’s what you don’t do that creates most of human happiness.

Here are the seven don’ts that make a happier life.

Avoid Negative.

Being happy starts with the way that you choose to think about life.  Be mindful of thoughts because they create feelings. When thoughts create gloom, don’t think them.

Refuse Doubt.

Doubting yourself creates chaos and confusion. Those two emotions are a breeding ground for unhappiness. Don’t waste energy and time on self-doubt.  Instead, invest time and energy into activities that help gain knowledge and further skills.

Don’t live in the past or in the future.

Waiting for a certain event or achievement in order to be happy never works. The past is frozen and the future doesn’t exist.  The power is in the present.  If you don’t feel happy now, you will never be happy.  Every day has its happiness when you make the effort to see it.

No people pleasing.

Learn to say “no” without worrying. It’s important to love and serve others without sacrificing ourselves in the process.

Stop judging.

Don’t criticize harshly—not your own self and not others.  Everyone is doing the best that they can.  Accept that everyone has flaws. By acknowledging that fact, it’s easier to be happy.

Don’t fear failure.

There’s no such thing as failure. Trying is success.  Learning and growing is success. Understanding what success truly is creates happiness.

Don’t belittle.

Negative talk about yourself or others produces misery. It’s not motivational and will not help. Make it a priority to monitor and regulate the words you think and say.

Happy people haven’t  figured it all out or achieved everything they set out to do. They are people who have learned that happiness is a skill just like reading, painting, or baking. They have honed their happy skill by rejecting bad habits.  And they keep at it.


Happiness is a daily, moment-to-moment practice of good habits to maintain good vibes. Remember the Seven Don’ts to keep a smile in your thoughts and on your face.