Dear New Flame,

Today we’re going to write our goals down.

Step one – write down your goal in your Journey Guide. Write your goals that you want to achieve this month, in the next three months, in the next 6 months, and finally in the next year.

Goals that you have for the month are typically the smallest goals.

Goals that will take three to six months will be mediums sized goals.

Goals that will take the full year to achieve are this biggest goals.

Do not go overboard here or become a perfectionist. Too many goals will overwhelm you. Keep in mind that from now on you’ll be creating baby steps for each goal and you’ll be working on your goals daily or weekly. Too many goals will make it impossible to work on each of them.

It’s best to pick one to two small goals, one to three goals medium goals, and finally one big goal.

It’s better to pick less goals and accomplish them. Once you’ve achieved your goal you can add a new one.

Until tomorrow,




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