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Welcome to The Euphoric Life Journey!

My name is Angelina Borak. I’m a Certified Personal Coach (certified in Relationships, Life, Professional, Spiritual, Hypnotic, and Bereavement) with over a decade of coaching experience. I’m a Disabled Army Veteran. I’ve been in leadership and executive roles in multiple industries. I’ve taught at the college level. I graduated magnum cum laude with a Bachelors of Science in Information Technology and Business Administration. I’ve been published in Medium, YourTango, and my latest book Unlocked: How To Reconnect With Your Authentic Self And Be Happy is available on Amazon.

I created The Euphoric Life Journey to help you with these three areas:

The goal of The Euphoric Life Journey is to help you with these three areas:


Restore your Authentic Self by unlocking your Love Locks, toxic core beliefs that prevent you from being your Authentic Self and negatively impact your reality and relationships.


Love Locks negatively impact your day-to-day life. By unlocking your Love Locks, you’re creating a better daily life. By creating a better reality now, you’ll impact your future in a positive way.


Once you’ve unlocked your Love Locks, the relationships you have with your family, kids, partners, strangers, neighbors, and co-workers get easier and more loving.

You’re a new Flame! Congratulations!

As a new Flame, I’ll be sending you a Journey Plan every day for few days. Each email will help you set up your new euphoric life. These emails are broken down into small, easy, actionable steps that will allow you to succeed on your Euphoric Life Journey.

You will also receive the Weekly Journey Notes email. The Journey Notes email is for Flames that have graduated from the Journey Plan. I don’t want you to feel overwhelmed, don’t try to do these emails yet. Stick with the Journey Plan for now. I’ll help you transition to the Journey Notes when the time comes.

Today’s action step: Add Hello@AngelinaBorak.com to your safe senders list so that you get all of The Euphoric Life Journey’s emails.

Don’t procrastinate, do it now. 😁

If you’re excited and eager to get started on your euphoric life head over to this page.

See you tomorrow!



 Journey Plan

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