Dear New Flame,

Thanks for joining us!

The Euphoric Life Journey will help you establish and harmonize the three areas (restoration, reality, and relationships) of your life so that you can live your own euphoric life. We will create new habits, explore possibles, achieve a better reality, create a “you” restoration, and develop deeper relationships.

You’re a new Flame!


As a new flame, I’ll be sending you a Journey Plan everyday for the next 26 days. Each email will help you set up your new euphoric life. These emails are broken down into baby steps. Small, easy, actionable steps that will allow you to succeed on this journey.

You will also receive the Journey Notes email. The Journey Notes email is for Flames that have graduated from the Journey Plan. I don’t want you to feel overwhelmed so don’t try to take these emails on just yet. Stick with the Journey Plan for now. I’ll help you transition to the Journey Notes when the time comes.

Today’s action step: Add Hello@AngelinaBorak.com to your safe senders list so that you get all of The Euphoric Life Journey’s emails.

Don’t procrastinate, do it now. 😁

See you tomorrow!


26 Day Journey Plan

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