A pillar is something that acts a cue and activates an emotional response from you. It holds up your desire while your creating your Euphoric Reality.

There are two types of pillars:

  1. Positive, inspiring, and motivating.
  2. Negative, soul sucking, and crippling. That’s a bit dramatic but if the things in your environment don’t make you happy, they are taking away from your euphoric life.

Anything can be a pillar. Your goal when creating your Euphoric Life is to remove the negative pillars in your life and increase the positive pillars.

Go through your home and declutter the negative ones.

Then get creative and set up at new positive pillars, try for 2 in each room.


Here is a list of my favorite pillars:

Journey Guide!


Vision Boards ~ You don’t have to buy a background board, magazines or clip art. Use a wall in your home ( or your Journey Guide) and washi tape to put up images. Use Google images or Pinterest and print the images.


Use the Internet to set up searches for your dream things. You’ll get emails that will remind you that what you want is out there and keep you focused.

  • Set up a Realtor.com search for your dream home.
  • Set up an eBay search for items.
  • Set up a Cars.com search for your dream car.


Change your passwords to a word or phrase that inspires you and relates to what your euphoric life.


Make your nightstand or dresser an altar to your dreams.


Set up a Google calendar with motivational messages you and send you the notifications about your desire.

Pictures are always a great way to stay focused and motivated, so place them around your home.

Mirrors are a great place to write messages to yourself and use as a mini vision board.

Buy or create a key ring that represents your desire.

Colors are made up of energy and they infuse the environment with their vibration. By adding splashes of color in your environment, you are adding that positive energy.

Buy a plant that represents your Euphoric Life Journey. As it grows so does your euphoric life.

Use a picture of your desire as a screensaver for your phone, tablet, or computer

If you enjoy mantras, create phrases or mantras to say throughout the day.

Wear clothes that inspire you and feel good.

Art is powerful and is a manifestation of someone’s dream. You can always capitalize on that energy and bring art into your environment either digitally or hanging on your walls.

Tell the people in your life about your desire and ask for help and support. Even if they can’t do anything directly, they may be able to lend you a little extra manifesting magic by keeping you in their thoughts.

Jewelry is an excellent pillar for manifesting because you wear it and see it all day. Etsy is a fantastic place to get artisan jewelry in every style imaginable to support your Euphoric Life.

Music is powerful. Be diligent about what you listen to. Make sure it supports what you are manifesting.

TV is just like music. Only watch shows that add to your magic. Be very selective.

Fragrances and essential oils are wonderful ways to make a positive impact in your manifesting.

Crystals and rocks have amazing energy. They’re an excellent source of power to wear or place around your home.

Worry stones can be used in two ways. The first way is the traditional way, when you are worried or having anxiety, rub the stone. The second way is to use it as a pillar that you carry around all day to remind you about your desire and the steps you need to take to achieve it.

Set up celebrations and rewards for completing your baby steps toward your goals. Schedule them in your Google calendar or your planner to add in accountability.

Have a desire kickoff party even if it’s just you attending. Get a special meal and celebrate the start of your Euphoric Life Journey.

This one might sound silly but it’s a superstar. Use your toilet as a pillar.  Put a picture or your desire statement on top of your toilet. You’ll see it many times a day!