Friday Trip

webandssm_24_original (2).png

It’s been a long week so time to make tonight a little special.

Give yourself a little TLC.

Grab some take-out and curl up on the couch with a good book or movie.

Take an Epsom salt bath with essential oils.

Go on Etsy and find some new clip art for your Journey Guide.

Spend the night playing games.

Shave your legs.

Spend time in nature.

Spend extra time doing your hobby.

If you can’t think of something, do the Loving Me Quest in the Journey Map!

Do anything as long as it’s special and fun.  It doesn’t have to big, it can be one simple thing that makes you feel happy! Don’t over complicate it.Remember to KISS. Keep It Simple Sweetheart and just have a little fun!


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