Create a Life Make-Over

Recently, I researched the top five most popular personal goals that people have for this year. After thorough examination, here are the results:   Enjoying Life Being Healthy Being Happy Having Emotional Intimacy Pursuing Ideals and Passions   These five concepts are also ones that I work on with my clients. What stands out, both … Continue reading Create a Life Make-Over

7 Tips to Creating Your Euphoric Life

This past weekend was a chaotic muddle of thunderstorms, power outages, my 50-year-old house needing plumbing care, and my three year old obsessing about finding Nemo (literally finding her Nemo toy). Plus, there was getting work done, taking care of pets and people, tending to daily tasks, and maintaining some semblance order. I started thinking about the concept of … Continue reading 7 Tips to Creating Your Euphoric Life