What is Love Coaching?

What is love coaching?

Here is my view on this strong and effective support service.

(And why I coach this area.)


Coaching is about support.

Support is about helping.

The right help at the right time can change a life. Whether you need support, encouragement, inspiration,  guidance, expertise, or someone that has lived through it, the right coach will help you. 

The right coach is a customized support system that has one goal – to help you. 

What does a love coach do? 

Love coaching is a specialized area of coaching that focuses on love.  I specifically work on healing from lost love, building a new life, and getting back out there again. 

Love is not always an easy path.  It can be filled with sunshine meadows, forks in the road, dark terrifying forests, and unexpected pitfalls.

There can be many and varied issues to deal with, both mindset blocks and tangible constraints that need to be worked through and solutions found.

A good coach will help you navigate back to the path of love and make the process faster and easier.


With the right help and support you will be able to: 

  • Work through your emotions in a healthy way, without sinking into a deep, dark pit of self-loathing and confusion.
  • Discover and build your ideal life instead of settling for a leftover life.
  • Clean up any bad habits from the last relationship or from the healing process.
  • Redefine what type of relationship you want and start looking for new relationship.
  • Remove negative mindset and love blocks.

When love doesn’t go right the first time, it can be a downward cycle that spans years or even decades.  This cycle can be stopped with the right support and guidance.

When we’re going through this process we can’t always see the trees through the forest.  Having a coach that is experienced in the pitfalls, understands the strong emotions and desires,  and knows how to guide you to a place of love and fulfillment is critical in breaking this cycle.

To get through this phase in life it is helpful to have three things.


What I know…

After years of coaching, studying, getting certified, and living through the loss of a very significant relationship – I know what works, what doesn’t work, and what will end in disaster if not corrected.  I know what blocks happen. I know about the constraints that have to be worked around. I know that every woman is different and needs  personalized support.

The problems…

The problem with losing a relationship is that you are losing far more than another person.  You are losing your lifestyle, your dreams, your future, your support system, your daily routine, you lose your history, and possibly even your beloved pets.  Truthfully, the problems are unlimited.

Worst of all…You lose yourself!

Basically, planet Earth falls away from you and you are left floating in a cold, dark world of confusion and with no direction.

In the beginning, you are completely stunned. Then a flurry of activity takes hold – the demolition of your life. The wrecking ball comes through. EVERYTHING is destroyed.

When you can’t take anymore, the silence comes.

The silence is what you were craving…but you didn’t know that it would bring a new level of darkness.

The silence feels like desolation.

The friends and family that were by your side are tired of your break-up, they have moved on. You don’t have new dreams yet because you haven’t had the luxury of dreaming. You haven’t rebuilt anything and you have no idea where to start. You might be thinking that there is no way to have a life again, let alone an ideal life.

Then loneliness sets in and consumes every moment of the day and night.

The silence doesn’t have an expiration date…

My Approach…

The silence is also where true healing can begin… There must be guidance and support.

There is a new life that is waiting for you to dream up.

We must rebuild and not live in the leftover life.

There are FIVE parts to rebuilding.

  • New Priorities
  • True Self-Love
  • Positive Mindset
  • A Balanced Life
  • Real Focus

And then finally, there is…

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The ideal life! 

Life will continue on… You will continue on.

Life is a process… A journey… A unique path that you must carve out.

You will work everyday at this journey. Whether your work is intentional or automatic, it will still be work.  You have the choice to come back down to planet Earth… to keep building, dreaming, and most of all, trying.

So why not work to make your new life an ideal life?

Work toward loving again…even if the love flows into new unexpected areas.


The Benefits…



Are you ready to step out of the silence and get support and guidance ?

Do you want to start loving again?

Would you like to learn powerful techniques to help you get through life’s journey?

If you’re a yes! yes! yes! – please get in touch.

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