Welcome and Congratulations!

Coaching is about investing in ourselves and going where we really want to go. DREAMS and creation.  I am so glad you are here and are ready to invest deeply into yourself. We are about to embark on a very intense journey together. You will transform, rebuild, and grow.

There will be times that coaching will feel very fun and easy.  You will love me during those times!

However, there is another side of that coin. There will be times when you are uncomfortable. You may even get angry with me. Rest assured that I am okay with your emotions and together we will help you get through it.

I am on your team now!

Here are some points to help you make the most out of our time together.

I have a special hidden area for clients that has all kinds of resources.  I may refer you to those resources.  The resource area grows all the time and you get free lifetime access to it.


Feel free to go check it out.


Password: Iamstrong


Create intention!

Coaching works best when you have clear goals, which are based on your needs and values.  We will work together to create and refine your goals.

Develop awareness!

Life changed for you.  You are extremely aware of the past and what you don’t have anymore. We need to shift your awareness to the present and the future. That is the first step in rebuilding.

Learn to change!

Part of working with me as your coach is that I will ask a lot of you. I will teach you to ask a lot of yourself.  I need you to experiment with fresh approaches and be open to redesigning your life

Please be willing to:

Change your behavior, experiment and try new things, work to remove sources of stress in your life, redesign how you spend your time, set goals that are much bigger, treat people better, look at the assumptions you have, get the support you need to handle a problem, raise your standards high, and search for excellence in all areas of your life.

What to email me?

Successes you have had during the week, report on homework you completed, problems you faced,  how you handled the issue, advice or support you want from me on a situation, what you are currently working on, how life is going, new skills you want to develop, insights, and new awareness which excite you, strategies you wish to develop, questions about your love book, or basically anything!


Your growth depends on you!

You have to do the work.  Your love books, homework and communication with me is critical to your success in the rebuilding process.


Plan to Succeed!

Get a planner and a notebook to keep track of your progress and goals.

I ask questions about your personal life as well as your professional life as the two influence one another. It helps both of us to know and plan for how your personal and professional life fit together in the big picture. In order to transform and rebuild we have to explore all of your beliefs, fears, and motivators. Sometimes, these questions can feel uncomfortable or even scary. Please understand that I am not judging you, what you tell me stays with me, and I am on your side.

Most of all, I think you are strong, wise, and that you can do it!

You are one of a kind and deserve to have your version of an ideal life.