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Stuck in a life you don’t like?  Fed up with feeling bad about yourself?
Life can be better!  Get beyond ‘limits’ by welcoming the wisdom of UnLocked.

Angelina Borak, personal life coach and developer of The Happiness Formula, will guide you forward using her simple seven-step process to move you from frustration to feeling good about yourself and your life.  In this book, she discusses valuable examples of the bumps in the road (both real and imagined) that hinder the smooth journey to the happy life that you deserve.

You’ll find your own special secrets which will improve your life using unique concepts – such as Love Locks and I’m Statements – to help you develop your individualized plan that assures both immediate relief as well as well as tips for a lifetime of continued wellbeing.  In addition, Angelina talks you through the importance of easy – but important – strategies for daily success, including Pillars and Kiss the Baby Daily to support your efforts.

Packed with common sense advice, UnLocked challenges your outdated beliefs which are not only wrong but are actually making your life harder and more difficult, so that you can create a happy life with confidence and surety.

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