This book is for you…

if you’re a woman who feels that you can tackle the world one day only to find yourself huddled in the fetal position the next day thinking you’re not good enough.

if you struggle with self-confidence or self-esteem issues and you feel like you’re being judged by everyone including yourself.

if you have dreams and desires but for some reason or other you can’t seem to achieve those desires.

if you’re starting to wonder if you might be a failure or at least very unlucky.

if you’ve found yourself curled up in bed with a pint of ice cream and tears streaming down your face repeating a statement such as “I’m never going to be good enough” or “I’m________________ (fill in the blank with the derogatory words that you say about yourself).”

key flamingo

I understand how you’re feeling. I’ve been there myself. Believe me when I say you aren’t a failure and you are good enough. You aren’t that statement that you keep saying in your head.

In this book, I’m going to walk you through what Love Locks are and provide a seven step process that will help you unlock your Love Locks. You’ll learn that you can create the reality that you want, you can have relationships that are supportive, and, most of all, you can restore yourself back to your Authentic Self.

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