Thursday Trip

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The reason that we have desires, dreams, or goals is because we feel like we have a gap in our life…an unfilled space that we want to fill or experience.

Today let’s review our goals today and start using a system to achieve those goals.

The GAPS System

GAPS is your map to your desire. You’ll fill the gaps in your life by effectively setting a goal, creating your action plan, installing your pillars, and scheduling your action steps.

Goal (Your desire statement)

Actions (Your action steps)

Pillars (Your motivational cues)

Schedule (Your accountability)

It’s a simple system but effective!

Spend 15 minutes today creating your GAPS, planing, and taking action steps to achieve your goals.

Make sure you write down your goal and what the next step you need to take in your Journey Guide.

When you’re done, place a star in your Journey Guide.

Way to make your Flame burn bright!


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