Studies have shown that we have over 60,000 thoughts a day.

Of those 60,000 up to 80% of those thoughts fall into the negative category.

Which means that we have up to 48,000 negative thoughts a day.


Here’s one more statistic for you.

Of those 60,000 thoughts 98% of them are thoughts that we had the day before and the day before that.

Which basically means that we keep parroting the same negative thoughts day after day.


I don’t believe that you can control your thoughts but I know that you can create new thoughts, positive thoughts.


Why should you care about this?

thought map

Thoughts impact how we act.

You’re creating a euphoric life it’s time to make a focused effort in the way that you think about yourself.

How you feel about yourself is the first step in creating that euphoric life.


If you’re like most people, you have years of negative thoughts about yourself. Those negative thoughts are impacting your reality and relationships.


This is where the three times two come in and is a baby step to help you unlock your Love Lock! 


Three positive thoughts about yourself in the morning as part of your Euphoric Morning Routine.

Three positive thoughts about yourself before bed as part of your Euphoric Night Routine.

Just for fun let’s put some numbers to this.

6 new positive thoughts about yourself every day.

186 new positive thoughts a month which means that 149 of those thoughts will become repeating thoughts.

2,232 new positive thoughts about yourself a year which means 1,786 of those will become repeating thoughts.


How do you think those new thoughts will impact your Love Locks?