The Monthly Schedule

Restoration is the focus the first week of every month – Days 1-7

Reality is the focus second the week of every month – Days 8-14

Relationships are the focus the third week of every month – Days 15-21

Route Check is the focus the fourth week of every month – Days 22-28

Euphoric Vacation Days – Day 29-31



During restoration week we’re working on how you see and feel about yourself.  We have a tendency to carry around years of negative thoughts and beliefs about ourselves. We call those thoughts beliefs Love Locks at the Euphoric Life Journey. Those Love Locks impact our reality and our relationships.

It took you years to build those Love Locks.  By using baby steps, consistency, and progress not perfection, you’ll be able to unlock those Love Locks. Your daily quests this week will center on restoring you beliefs to positive, strong thoughts about yourself (the real you).


Creating a euphoric life is about living your dreams, big or small!  Dreams don’t fall out of the sky and land in your lap. You have to create them. Here at the Euphoric Life Journey we turn dreams into reality.

A euphoric reality is achieved by setting up and achieving goals. Goal are achieved by baby steps, consistency, and progress not perfection.

The first goals that need to be achieved are in the areas where you’re feeling pain or discomfort in life. It’s hard to chase the really big dreams if there are topics that causing an energy drain.  Start with your pain points and get them soothed to a manageable state while developing the big dreams.  Once the pain points are manageable the big dreams get clearer and easier to achieve.


During restoration week we develop your relationship with yourself which leads to an improved reality. However, no woman is an island. We not only need but depend on our relationships with others.

This week we are developing your external relationships. Those relationships include your kids, family, friends, and the finally the wildcard (finding your perfect partner).  As you know there are no guarantees in love or finding love but The Euphoric Life Journey helps to give you the best chance at finding your perfect partner.

During relationship week I want you to conscientiously create opportunities to strengthen your current relationships.

Route Check

The first three weeks of every month we focus on either restoration, reality, or relationships.

The Route Check week is our week to address any unfinished business for the month, add an extra dose of effort to one of those areas, or plan for the coming month.

Euphoric Vacation Days

The last couple of days of the month are reserved for vacation days! Take time to restore, renew, and regroup so that you’re ready for the new month!