7 Tips to Creating Your Euphoric Life

This past weekend was a chaotic weekend, thunderstorms with power outages, my 50 year old house needing some plumbing TLC, and my three year old obsessing about finding Nemo (literally finding her Nemo toy) on top of getting work done, taking care of pets and people, taking care of daily tasks and maintaining some order. I started thinking about the … Continue reading 7 Tips to Creating Your Euphoric Life

What Are Love Locks?

Let's Get Messy First... Before we talk about Love Locks,  I want you to do something, an exercise to help give you a reference point. I want you to think back to the last time that you felt awful. I mean truly awful about yourself. Did you feel like a failure?   Did you feel … Continue reading What Are Love Locks?

You’re the Answer to ALL You Want

I can give you all kinds of fluffy reasons why you should care about self-compassion but I’m not going to. Why?  Because self-compassion is a critical skill that you’ve probably ignored…until you’re faced with a life-changing event.   After you have lost a relationship, for example, you have no self-compassion.  The problem is that you … Continue reading You’re the Answer to ALL You Want