Who Am I? Course in Self Discovery.

This is a 31 day course that will help you discover who you are. You will end up with a valuable resource book that you can refer back to for the rest of your life.

I spent years searching for answers to the question “Who Am I”?

There is no reason that you have to spend years looking for that information. I want to share with you all of the resources that I have learned and worked with over the years.

You will be able to answer that question in 31 days.










You’ll have lifetime access to the program materials.

You’ll become a VIP Insider.  VIP Insiders get first access to everything including new programs, free content, and limited VIP coaching packages not listed on the website.

You’ll also be invited to my Facebook Group. You can chat with me and other members about your journey!


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I bought Angelina’s course “Single Again – Who Am I?” on my birthday this year as present to myself.  From the website description, I knew it would be an ideal way for me to get in touch with myself.  I wasn’t disappointed!  It was a life transforming experience.

I was five years out of a killer divorce when I started the course.  I had been married for over 30 years of marriage when my husband announced he was moving out to be with another woman.  I was blindsided.  I had no clue.  I was devastated.  And…guess what?  He told me on my birthday!

I lost myself completely during the whirlwind six months that it took for the divorce to be final.  I thought I’d die.  For me, life was really over.  He was my life.

However, over the course of a month as the activities arrived each day, I started to snap out of my coma and begin to feel hope.  Maybe, just maybe, I could start a new life with the newly discovered me!

The really important part of the course was Angelina herself.  She’s not kidding when she signs each daily email with “I’m here with you…And always remember that you are never alone.”  Whenever I felt hopeless or confused about a daily activity, I emailed her.  She always replied!  She was right.  I was never alone.  Angelina truly cares and she walks her talk!

I took pictures of my “master book” to show how detailed and lengthy the book is.   I wasn’t sure it would even fit the 1.5” binder I bought for it.  It barely does but there’s a bit of room to add my own extra journaling.

I plan to copy master book every year and do a start new on each and every birthday as a way to make my birthday all about the new me and my new life!  Thanks, Angelina, you’re best!

~Wanda C.



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