In September w’re going to focus on Catching Stars.

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In August we created awareness and that awareness should have produced new goals.

This month we’re going to write our goals down and using the GAPS¬†system.

Step one – What did you discover last month that you want to start working on by turning it into a goal?

Step two – Read this.

Step three – Download the GAPS system.

Step four – Fill out the GAPS worksheets and start getting stuff DONE!

Step five – break out the gold stars!

The reason that we’re doing this now is that it’s coming up on the end of the year and holidays.

Wouldn’t it be nice to start the new year feeling like you’ve made progress this year instead of feeling like your behind?

*If you didn’t create you awareness last month, go do it now so that you can participate in setting up your goals this month.


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