Let’s pretend this is online dating, okay?

(with none of the BS because this is a sure thing)


I know you’ve checked me out a little bit and so far you like what you see…

I’m kind of entertaining and I seem different…

But commitment scares you and you’re not sure that you really like me YET.

See I want you to fall in love with me.


I’d like to give you my equivalent of roses but so much better…

because the water won’t get moldy or drop dead petals everywhere.



Take The Oath…


Become A Flame


I hereby solemnly swear that I will ignite my spark and burn brightly so that I appreciate myself, my life, and my relationships.

I refuse to let my flame go out by smiling politely, playing nicely, or compromising who I am so that people will like me.

I will add my spicy special sauce to life so that I’m happy.

I’m a Flame and I will create my own Euphoric Life Journey through restoration, reality, and relationships..