Pay-what-you-can Relief Coaching 

Get personalized help during these troubling times. 

I’ve suspended set pricing for my coaching services during this uncertain time.


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COVID-19 Relief Coaching 

COVID-19 is here and it’s disrupting life as we know it.

It’s also creating a lot of…






and a whole bunch of other problems.

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It’s a lot to deal with!

I want to help anyone who wants help!

Pay-What-You-Can Relief Coaching Questions and Answers 

What does pay-what-you-can actually mean?

No one who wants help will be turned away because of money! My standard rates start at $150.00 a session. However during this time I want to help as many people as I can. Which means that if you can only pay $10 you will be able to get a coaching session. Pay-what-you-can means exactly that… pay $10, $17 $25, $34, $50, $64 or pay my standard rate. Pay-what-you-can and want to pay to work with me.

How long will you be offering this kind of coaching?

I will be offering this coaching option through the end of June (maybe longer if there’s a need).

What can we do during a session? 

Sessions are about 45 minutes long

In the coaching session, we can focus on…

  • The Happiness Mindset from The Free Spark Workshop Series
  • We can work through my Happiness Formula.
  • We can create an action plan to help with:
    • Stress Management
    • Time Management
    • Preparedness
    • Work/life balance
    • How to be productive at home
    • Cabin Fever
    • Feeling Alone
    • Grief

The purpose of relief coaching is to help you during this challenging time.

What happens after I fill out the form below? 

I’ll email you within 24 hours with more information, a paypal link so that you can any amount, and we’ll set up a session

What if I still have more questions? 

Fill out the form with your questions and I’ll get back to you.

Request A Coaching Session Form 

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How you can help others.

Be compassionate ~ Understand that everyone is scared, confused, and is looking for relief.  Give others a lot of leeway. Adopt the attitude that if it isn’t hurting anyone, it’s okay.

It’s okay for people to do all the woo-woo stuff (chakras, crystals, naked moon dancing, magic 8 balls, etc)

It’s okay for the green, organic person to spray their house with Lysol and it’s also okay if they spray it with vinegar.

It’s okay if people want to talk about doom and gloom or refuse to believe in the pandemic.

Remember the word allowing…because right now if something helps someone get through this...It’s all okay. 

Don’t Hoard ~ We all need supplies to survive but there’s no reason to hoard. Being prepared and hoarding are two different things. If you need something, so do others.

She who has the most toilet paper doesn’t win the race. Toilet paper is not the antidote to COVID-19.

Pick up the phone ~ Stay in contact with friends and family. Lots of people feel isolated and lost. Spend a few minutes texting or calling people.

Make sure other people are okay and see if you can help them (maybe wear a mask and gloves…who knows). That might even include giving some toilet paper to a neighbor.

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How you can help yourself.

Pray for health, peace, joy, ease, compassion, and comfort for all.
Wash your hands
Stay away from people as much as possible
Eat well
Get some exercise
Breathe deeply and often
Stand in the sunshine
Get enough sleep

But most importantly know this…

No matter how bad things seem right now and they seem plenty bad, life is so much bigger than this.

You are bigger than COVID-19!