October’s Journey of the Month is about Pillars

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This month we are focusing on Pillars.  Pillars are objects in your home that have an emotional value associated with them.

A pillar is something that activates an emotional response from you.

There are two types of pillars:

  1. Positive, inspiring, and motivating.
  2. Negative, soul sucking, and crippling.


Basically, any item in your environment can be a pillar. Pillars can be anything that one of your five senses (smell, see, hear, touch, or taste) can delineate.  Simply stated pillars can be any item, a smell, music, food, or even a color. If you can see it, smell it, taste it, touch it, or hear it, it’s a pillar.

This month you’re playing a game of Pillar hide-n-seek. This game is played in two phases.

The first phase is the finding phase. You have negative pillars hidden in all of your personal environments. Your job is to find and remove those negative pillars.

The second phase is the seeking phase. Once you have removed the negative pillars from your personal environments, you’ll seek out positive pillars to aid you in unlocking and keeping your Love Lock unlocked.

Let’s talk about phase one and how to identify negative pillars.

Pillars provoke an emotional response from you. To identify a negative pillar all you have to do is come in contact with it. Then ask yourself “how do I feel about this”? You’ll have a knee-jerk reaction. That knee-jerk reaction is the authentic reaction. If your knee-jerk reaction is negative, then the item is a negative pillar.

After the knee-jerk reaction, you’ll have the rational reaction. The rational reaction will try to provide justification for keeping the item. Justifications sound like this “I can’t get rid of this item because…it costs a lot of money, it’s new, or my friend gave that to me”.

Rational reactions aren’t a reason to keep an item that makes you feel physically or psychologically uncomfortable.  You’re impacted by the negative pillars regardless of how expensive they were, who gave them to you, or whatever else your rational justification reaction is. Negative is negative. You can’t change your emotional reaction to it.

This month spend 15 minutes every day getting rid of this stuff.

When the negative pillars are gone, start putting up pillars that’ll support the new goals you have set from last month. Need some ideas? Get out favorite pillars here. 

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