In November our Journey of the Month is Progress!


In August we created awareness, September goals, and last month was about pillars. This month is about progress not perfection.

The holidays are coming and the end of the year is close.

While a lot of people start putting their goals on hold until next year, I don’t want you to do that. Instead, I want you to keep taking baby steps toward your goal.

In order to do that you really must adopt the idea of progress not perfection.

You have the choice to accept the holiday mindset or keep taking baby steps.

If you keep taking baby steps you’ll be 8 weeks further along next year. While everyone else is trying to recover and catch up on their goals, you’ll be finishing your goals, setting up your next round of goals, and be living your euphoric life.

Not you mention there won’t be any back sliding. You’ll hit the new year running.

Commit to working on your goals for 15 minutes a day.

IF you can’t do 15 minutes because of the holidays, work on it for 7 minutes.

Just keep taking baby steps.




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