When I was coaching women one-to-one and teaching them to manifest, I charged $1500 a month with a 2 month commitment. I loved seeing women change their lives and get their desires by implementing my system, but I wanted to help more women.

Two things prevented me from helping more women. Time and money. My schedule was always full. I had more requests for coaching than I had hours in a day. Plus, there were plenty of people who couldn’t afford the $3000 price tag.

I just had to find a way so I refocused and regrouped. The result Manifest Your Magic, an online course that offers you a proven system for manifesting. MYM teaches you how to work with thirty Universal Laws, not just the Law of Attraction. Manifest Your Magic gives you tools, exercises, and practical ways to make your dreams come true. At $349, it’s less than one tenth of the price of my previous coaching services. If you follow the system, you’ll tap into your magic and start creating a life that you love!