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Angelina Borak is a Certified Personal Coach (certified in Relationships, Life, Professional, Spiritual, Hypnotic, and Bereavement) with over a decade of coaching experience and author of UnLocked: How to Stop Being Negative and Restore Your Authentic Self.  Angelina helps people find their “happy” by unlocking their Authentic Self, creating a better reality, and developing more loving relationships.

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UnLocked: How to Stop Being Negative and Restore Your Authentic Self

  • Author – Angelina Borak
  • Length – 238 pages
  • Genre – Nonfiction, Self Help

Book Blurb

UnLocked walks you through a Seven-Step process to help you unlock Love Locks, the toxic core beliefs that prevent you from being your Authentic Self and negatively impact your reality and relationships.

You’ll learn to create the reality you want, how to have more loving relationships, and, most of all, to restore your Authentic Self. UnLocked offers the way to a happier life!

You need this book…

–if you struggle with self-confidence or self-esteem issues and you feel like you’re being judged by everyone including yourself.

–if you have dreams and desires but for some reason or other you can’t seem to achieve those desires.

–if you’re a woman who feels that you can tackle the world one day only to find yourself huddled in the fetal position the next day thinking you’re not good enough.


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