The Journey of The Month for May is creating Euphoric Nights.

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You know what makes for Euphoric Days? A good night sleep!

This month we are working on our Euphoric Night Routine.

Euphoric Night

Eat dinner – Eat a healthy meal not potato chips and ice cream!

Double check your Journey Notes – Did you get everything done on your list today? The baby steps in the Journey Notes are created so that over time your life improves. Each quest is a focused baby step that is designed to build a life that you love. Doing the quests is important. If you haven’t done them, spend 15 minutes and do it now.

Get ready for the next day – Set up for the next day by finding your purse and keys, laying out your clothes for the next day, getting your healthy lunch ready, and checking your Journey Guide. These actions will make your morning and the rest of the day so much easier and better.

Tidy your home 15 minutes – You don’t want to wake up to a mess. Walk around your house and put things back in place or grab a paper towel and some cleaner.  We’re all about progress not perfection, don’t do this for longer than 15 minutes. Set the timer and walk away after 15 minutes.

Write in your Journey Guide – Make sure that before the lights go out you’ve checked off your routines, added anything that need to be added to you Journey Guide and finished your Three times Two for the day.

Go to bed 15 minutes earlier – Go to bed 15 minutes earlier. This give you a few extra minutes to unwind, write your Three times Two thoughts down, a little reflection time, or spend a few extra minutes reading.   This is not screen time with email and social media.


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