March’s Journey of the month is The Weekly Appreciation Plan otherwise know as the Weekly Unlocking Practice

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Your Love Locks have a huge impact on your reality and your relationships.

Feeling good about yourself leads to self-compassion.

Higher levels of self-compassion produce a few benefits:

  • Procrastinate less. Compared to those who try to use guilt, shame, or fear as motivators to complete a project or goal, the ones who practice self-compassion are the ones who spend less time dragging their feet when it comes time to perform a task.
  • Re-engage after failure. Those who are accepting and caring towards themselves after a perceived or real failure will be much more likely to “get back on the horse” and keep going.
  • Engage in activities that will create a better reality. Activities like going after a job promotion, taking on hobbies, and trying new things.
  • Take on more accountability. Contrary to what some might assume, self-compassion does not relieve someone of their ownership of a problem; rather, self-compassion actually serves to assist someone in being able to make a more realistic assessment of the role they played in problem process.
  • Are open to feedback. Those who are more compassionate with themselves will not crumble if they receive feedback from others. This is because those who practice self-compassion know they have inherent value and abilities to recover— even if the feedback is not positive.

This month make it a point to do your Appreciation plan every week (you should be doing this weekly).

Print out the next few months of weekly sheets and put them in your Journey Guide or planner.

Take some time out to plan out your rewards for the next few months.

The Weekly Genuine Appreciation Restoration Plan


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