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This week’s Loving Me Quest is focused on Restoration.


During restoration week we’re working on how you see and feel about yourself.  We have a tendency to carry around years of negative thoughts and beliefs about ourselves. We call those thoughts beliefs Love Locks at the Euphoric Life Journey. Those Love Locks impact our reality and our relationships.

It took you years to build those Love Locks.  By using baby steps, consistency, and progress not perfection, you’ll be able to unlock those Love Locks. Your Loving Me Quests this week will center on restoring you beliefs to positive, strong thoughts about yourself (the real you).


Awareness is always the first step in unlocking your Love Locks.

If you don’t know that you have Love Locks or that those Love Locks are preventing you from living your best life, you can’t create change.

Change is transformation.

Love Locks will block your transformation.

This week the goal is to figure out a few things.

  1. What are your Love Locks?
  2. Are you using your Love Lock as a way to block your Euphoric Life?
  3. What causes you to engage with your Love Lock?

This week your quest is to spend sometime figuring out what your Love Locks are and learn to recognize how they are impacting you.

Need a some help? Here’s some free resources!

bow clip 2.pngThis week make sure that you do the Loving Me Quest.

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