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This week’s Loving Me Quest:

This month we’re digging into one Love Lock that is causing chaos and the heebie jeebies for you.

The Loving Me Quests will be especially important this month.  In light of the deep work we’re doing this month, I want to make sure that you take good care of yourself.

Taking care of your self is a big task! Do you ever feel like you just shaved your legs and the hair is already back? Or you just painted your nails and it’s time to do it again? Or you soothed away one problem only to have another pop up?

Yep, I know. So for the Loving Me Quest this week lets tackle one thing and resolve to forget about the rest for the week. Once that “taking care of me item is done”, use the extra time to live guilt free. Maybe to curl up with a good book, dance around the house naked to your favorite song (haha), or catch up on some sleep.



Make sure you through in a little patience, understanding and compassion during this odd energy time.

Most Flames do the Loving Me quests on Fridays for date night or Sundays for Inner Peace.

Quests focus on self-compassion, self-care, or developing appreciation for yourself. They are meant to be fun and loving.

bow clip 2.pngThis week make sure that you do the Loving Me Quest.

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