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This week’s Loving Me Quest focus on the Route Check.

Route Check

The first three weeks of every month we focus on either restoration, reality, or relationships.

The Route Check week is our week to address any unfinished business for the month, add an extra dose of effort to one of those areas, or plan for the coming month.

This week is the week for you to get caught up and start planning for the next month.

Which means that you’ll have to decide if restoration, reality, or relationships needs some more attention this week.

Do you need to work more on your Restoration and Love Locks?

Do your goals need some extra work this week?

Do your relationships need a little TLC?

This is the week to give a little extra energy to those areas.

During Route Check week it’s a great time to evaluate the path that your on…your Euphoric Life Journey.  If it’s not as euphoric as you’d like, well this is the week to create that awareness and make next month’s journey better.

What needs to change?

What are the Love Locks that are holding you back?

Change and transformation take place by creating awareness, taking action, evaluating, and course correcting. That’s what this week is about.

Your quest this week is to do exactly that…

Go create some awareness!

Take some action!

Look at what’s working and what’s not working!

Create a plan for next month!


bow clip 2.pngThis week make sure that you do the Loving Me Quest.

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