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This week’s Loving Me Quest focuses on Relationships. 


During restoration week we develop your relationship with yourself which leads to an improved reality. However, no woman is an island. We not only need but depend on our relationships with others.

This week we are developing your external relationships. Those relationships include your kids, family, friends, and the finally the wildcard (finding your perfect partner).  As you know there are no guarantees in love or finding love but The Euphoric Life Journey helps to give you the best chance at finding your perfect partner.

During relationship week I want you to conscientiously create opportunities to strengthen your current relationships which also means that you’ll be pushing against your Love Locks.

Love Locks create negative experiences in your relationships because while your feeling negative toward yourself, you can’t be giving your best to the people that love you or creating boundaries that help you be your best self.

Love Locks are a nasty thing because they will create problems in every part of your life.

This is the week that you’ll work on relationships.

Love Locks create real chaos in your current and future relationships because they compromise your authentic self and cause you to act in ways that don’t reflect who you really are. Simply put they make your relationships HARD!

Things to think about this week:

Are you bringing your best self to the people you love?

Do you have healthy boundaries in place so that your relationships run smoothly?

Are you using The Formula for tough situations?

How are your Love Locks impacting all of your relationships or future relationships?

Are there people in your life that don’t deserve to be in your life but your holding on to those people because of you Love Locks?

Are your Love Locks preventing you from creating the relationships that you desire?


The goal of this week is to put your Love Locks aside and really look for ways to improve, modify, or change your relationships. For most of us we take on too much responsibility and perfectionism (ourselves) for our relationships and then feel guilty or less than. Those negative feelings re-enforce our Love Locks.

Resources to help you love more.

bow clip 2.pngThis week make sure that you do the Loving Me Quest.

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