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This week’s Loving Me Quest focuses on Reality. 


Creating a euphoric life is about living your dreams, big or small!  Dreams don’t fall out of the sky and land in your lap. You have to create them. Here at the Euphoric Life Journey we turn dreams into reality.

A euphoric reality is achieved by setting up and achieving goals. Goal are achieved by baby steps, consistency, and progress not perfection.

The first goals that need to be achieved are in the areas where you’re feeling pain or discomfort in life. It’s hard to chase the really big dreams if there are topics that causing an energy drain.  Start with your pain points and get them soothed to a manageable state while developing the big dreams.  Once the pain points are manageable the big dreams get clearer and easier to achieve.

Unfortunately Love Locks strongly impact our reality because they prevent us from making the best choices, taking chances, or moving forward.

For example, if your Love Lock is that you aren’t good enough, you’ll always live in a way that keeps you small.  You’ll talk yourself out of everything that you want to achieve from losing weight, asking for a raise, or creating the relationship that you want.

Love Locks impact your reality, which means that they prevent you from the success that you desire.

This week let’s work on your goals.  This week requires that you push against your Love Locks.  Meaning that Love Locks love to talk you out of your goals. They work against you and your goals from the creation of your goals to the taking action to achieve your goals all the way to the completion of your goals.

One of the ways to push past your Love Locks is to be aware of them (which you did last week) and take action even though you feel that you can’t be successful.  Taking action is the best way to prove your Love Locks wrong.

Pull out a pen and paper and lets get those wishes into real goals!

We are going to use the GAPS system to create and complete your goals.

Goal (Your desire statement)

Actions (Your action steps)

Pillars (Your motivational cues)

Schedule (Your accountability)

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