Love Locks are a combination of negative mindset and energy blocks.

Love Locks are common.

Most of us have them.

We have no idea that we have them because they are belief and reside in our subconsciousness.

We just think we aren’t lucky when it comes to love. That simply isn’t true. Luck has nothing to do with love.  Mindset and energy has everything to do with attracting all kinds of love into your life.

There are literally thousands of of Love Locks.  Every negative thought has the potential to become a Love Lock.  Thoughts become beliefs. Beliefs become energy and actions.

The nice thing about Love Locks is that they can be easy to unlock once we change the belief that is causing them.  We don’t have to unlock all of our Love Locks to be successful in giving and receiving love.

The hard part is changing the belief.  The good news is that YOU created the belief. So YOU can change the belief.

After years of coaching and studying blocks to love, I have seen the same topics come up again and again.  Scroll down and see if any of these thoughts or beliefs are circulating in your head.

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