June’s Journey of the Month is about unplugging a little bit each day.

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We spend a lot of time looking at screens (cell phone, tablet, computer, or TV). This month we’re going to focus on unplugging a little bit.

Three Times That You Need To Limit Screen Times. 

  1. First thing in the morning – Checking email and social media before your fully awake changes the way that the brain reacts to the stimulus throughout the day. Screen time before fully awake makes the brain more reactive instead calm and productive.
  2. When screen time is limiting your productivity – During the day, set a timer and allow yourself a 15 minute break and have fun on those screens but when the timer beeps it’s time to get back to the productive world.
  3. Before bed – Sleep is important! The glow of the screen can impact your melatonin then it’s times to turn the screen off a little earlier. Another reason to limit screen time before bed is to limit negative emotional responses from watching or reading things that might disrupt your euphoric thoughts.

This month limit screen time during these three time periods.  

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