The Journey of The Month of July is Focus.

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Focus is a skill that we have to learn and develop.  Focusing on one activity at a time actually increases both our productivity and the quality of our work. What’s the opposite of focus?


The reason that we are emphasizing the skill of focus this month, is because it takes focus to unlock your Love Locks, achieve your goals, and have more loving relationships.

Multitasking is the enemy when you’re building a euphoric life because you can’t change and transform your relationships, your reality, or yourself if your head is spinning in all different directions.

This month we going to make it a priority to:

Be present when you’re interacting with other people.

Work on your goals one step at a time.

Focus on what your Love Locks are and start unlocking them.

Most of all we’re going to stop trying to do ten things a once.

This month we are going to work on creating more focus, less multitasking, and accepting progress not perfection!



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