Day 6

Today we going to cover the monthly focus. Each Month we focus on one area and then make sure that we spend a few minutes every day creating improvement in that area.

Here’s the monthly schedule. You can find detailed information about each month in the Journey Map.

Journey of the Month

January ~ Journey Guide

February ~ Preparedness

March ~ Appreciation Plan

April ~ Euphoric Mornings

May ~ Euphoric Nights

June ~ Screens off

July ~ Focus Not Multitasking

August ~ Awareness

September ~ Catching Stars

October ~ Pillars

November ~ Keep the Progress Going

December ~ Magical Me Time

Every week, I send out an email that has the direction of the week, a reminder about the word of the week, the daily intentions, the Journey of The Month, and the Loving Me Quest (you’ll learn about that tomorrow). You’ll see this information over and over again, don’t worry or get overwhelmed.

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