Day 5

In today’s Journey Plan email I’m going to cover three subjects. In this email you’re going to learn about the Word of The Week, The Weekly Directions, and The Daily Intentions.

Word Of The Week

The Word Of The Week is a way to simplify your weekly goal and remain focused.

This is a small step but it produces BIG results each week.

You pick One word. Not a phrase. Not a goal.

One word that you want to focus on this week.

You’ll base your actions and decisions

on this one word.

Write this word in your Journey Guide, planner, bathroom mirror, or anyplace that you’ll see it regularly.

Click here to learn more and get some inspiration.

The Weekly Direction

Each week we work on one of these topics restoration, reality, relationships, or route check. The monthly schedule looks like this.

Restoration is the focus the first week of every month – Days 1-7

Reality is the focus second the week of every month – Days 8-14

Relationships are the focus the third week of every month – Days 15-21

Route Check is the focus the fourth week of every month – Days 22-28

Euphoric Vacation Days – Day 29-31

You can find detailed information on each of these topics in the Journey Map under Weekly Directions. Each week, you’ll use the Daily Intentions Quests to focus your energy on creating improvement in these topics.

For example, If it’s restoration week, you’ll use the Daily Intentions to work on your Love Locks.

If it’s reality week, you’ll use the Daily Intentions to work on your goals and creating a better life.

If it’s relationship week, you’ll use the Daily Intentions to work on creating better relationships.

We use Route Check week to take stock of where we need to spend a little extra energy (Restoration, Reality, and Relationships) and then work in that area.

The Daily Intentions

Daily Intentions are daily quests that I’ve set up for you. You’ll complete those quests each day to help you in the weekly direction. Each day has a theme.

Monday ~ Weekly Unlocking Plan

Tuesday ~ Get IT Done

Wednesday ~ Acts of Kindness

Thursday ~ Catching Stars Day

Friday ~ A little TLC

Saturday ~ Plan and Relax

Sunday ~ Inner Peace

You can find all of this information in the Journey Map. If you need help please feel free to email me.

Until tomorrow,


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