Day 4

Today I’m going to introduce you to the Euphoric Life Journey’s Daily Routine. This email has a lot of information in it. Don’t worry. By building your Journey Guide and reading the weekly emails you’ll get the hang of it quickly.

Daily Routine

How you start your morning sets the tone for the entire day. You can also find the Daily Routines on the Journey Map.

Euphoric Morning

Get up 15 minutes earlier – Getting up a few minutes earlier, you give yourself a few minutes of breathing time.

How will you implement your word of the week today? – Planning and baby steps my dear flame is how we turn our lives into a euphoric experience. You picked a word that you wanted to become your reality and that takes action. Figure out how you are going to incorporate that word into your life today (well go over this and the weekly routines tomorrow).

Three nice things about yourself – Why not start the day feeling good about who you are? This is called Three Times Two, it’s a tool that we use to help with Love Locks.

Eat a healthy breakfast – Fuel your body so that it can help you create your euphoric life.

Clean up after yourself – You don’t want to come home to a house that feels messy. That’s not euphoric! Spend 5 to 15 minutes tidying up.

Read your Journey Notes– Now that your up, it’s time to check your email and read your Journey Notes. Please don’t open your email or social media until you’re already up and at it. Studies have shown that if we read email or get on social media when we first wake up, it changes our brains to a reactive state instead of a calm and action orientated state.

Euphoric Day

Daily Quest – I send you a daily quest that will focus on restoration, reality, relationships, or the route check. You can always check the monthly schedule here to see what we’re focusing on this week. This quest will take you 15 minutes and is designed to help you create your euphoric life.

Work on the Monthly Journey – Every month we focus on one topic to help create a Euphoric Life Journey (You’ll learn more about this in another email).

Goal Action Steps – As part of a euphoric life, you’ll be setting goals for yourself. Each day, you’ll need to take baby steps toward those goals.

Eat Lunch – Give your body some health fuel!

You can add this routine to any part of your day. Do some of it in the morning, on your lunch break, or in the evening after work.

Euphoric Night

Eat dinner – Eat a healthy meal, not potato chips and ice cream!

Double check your Journey Notes – Did you get everything done on your list today? The baby steps in the Journey Notes are created so that over time your life improves. Doing the quests is important. If you haven’t done them, spend 15 minutes and do it now.

Get ready for the next day – Set up for the next day by finding your purse and keys, laying out your clothes for the next day, getting your healthy lunch ready, and checking your Journey guide for anything that you need to do tomorrow.

Tidy your home 15 minutes – You don’t want to wake up to a mess. Walk around your house and put things away place or grab a paper towel and some cleaner, give things a quick wipe down. We are all about progress not perfection so don’t do this for longer than 15 minutes. Set the timer and walk away after 15 minutes.

Write in your Journey Guide – Make sure that before the lights go out you’ve checked off your routines, added anything that need to be added to you Journey Guide, and finished your Three times Two for the day.

Go to bed 15 minutes earlier – Go to bed 15 minutes earlier. This gives you a few extra minutes to unwind, write down your Three times Two thoughts, or spend time with a good book. This is not screen time with email and social media.

Healthy Euphoric Habits

Drink Water

Get 8 Hours of Sleep

Spend 15 Minutes Walking or Exercising

Spend 15 Minutes of Quality “Me” Time

Make your meals healthy

Limit screen time before bed and first thing in the morning

You’ll see all of these routines every week in the weekly email and in the Journey Map. Don’t get overwhelmed by this email, it may seem like a lot of new things to introduce into your day. Remember to take baby steps and start training yourself to be happy with progress not perfection. Consistency is the way to achieve anything. In no time at all you’ll be doing this daily routine with ease.

Until tomorrow,


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