Dear New Flame,

Do you know what the opposite of euphoric is?

Finding yourself in an unfortunate situation without a plan or supplies!

This month I want you to think about unfortunate situations and start building a checklist of supplies that you need and start building kits for each of those situations.

Unfortunate Situations to start with:

Weather related

Think about creating a kit that has food, water, power options, heating and cooling.

The Common Cold and more

Think about creating a kit that has basic cold medications for all the members of your family, easy nonperishable comfort food, and needed phone numbers.

Car problems

Think about creating a kit that has who you will call to help, appropriate shoes if you have to walk, having some food and water, and if you live in a cold area a blanket for warmth.

A Tool kit

A paper phone list with all of your phone numbers on it.  \ Don’t rely on your cell phone to store those numbers because one mishap and you’re completely disconnected.

Make sure you know how to:

  • Turn off the water (main, toilets, sink, ice maker, and water heater) in your home.
  • Shut off the gas and electricity.
  • Insurance protocols
  • Batteries in smoke and carbon detectors

Start making your Kit and checklist for each area. Add the checklist to you Journey Guide. Every month buy some of the items from your checklist and add it your different kits.

Until t​tomorrow,



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