Dear New Flame,

You’ve been doing a morning and before bed routine. Now it’s time to add the last part of your Euphoric Day routine.

Euphoric Day

Daily Quest – I send you a daily quest that will focus on restoration, reality, relationships, or the route check.  You can always check the monthly schedule here to see what we’re focusing on this week. This quest will take you 15 minutes and is designed to help you create your euphoric life.

Work on the Monthly Journey – Every month we focus on one of the areas of the Euphoric Life Journey and make sure that we tweak it to make it work well for your individual life style.

Goal Action Steps –  As part of a euphoric life, you’ll be setting goals for yourself. Sometime during the day, you’ll need to take baby steps toward those goals.

Eat Lunch – Give your body some health fuel!

You can add this routine to any part of your day.  Do some of it it in the morning, on your lunch break, or in the evening after work.

Remember Progress not perfection.

Until tomorrow,


P.S If building your own Journey Guide feels too hard, you can buy The Euphoric Life Journey Guide by clicking here.  It’s all been done for you. All you have to is print it, put it in a binder, and add some organization tabs.

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