Dear New Flame,

Focus is a skill that we have to learn and develop.  Focusing on one activity at a time actually increases both our productivity and the quality of our work.

Here is a simple example. Vacuuming. Let’s look at two ways that we can vacuum. The first way is to turn the vacuum on and not even look at the floor but walk all around the room.  The second way to start the vacuum, look carefully at the floor, watch and make sure the debris is picked up as we move through the room.

Which way of vacuuming do think does the best job and is the fastest? The second way of course.

Now if you are paying someone to vacuum your home, which way do you want them to do the vacuuming? Again, the second way.

Would you keep paying someone if they vacuumed the first way? Would you recommend them to your friends if they vacuumed the first way?  No, you would not.

The second way is using focus to do the job. Anything worth doing demands commitment to detail and that means focused attention.

Doesn’t your life deserve focus?

You are going to work on creating more focus, less multitasking, and accepting progress not perfection!

Until tomorrow,



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