Dear New Flame,

Pillars are objects in your home that have an emotional value associated with them.

Meaning that when you see them the provoke a response from you. There are two types of pillars, negative and positive.

Anything can be a pillar and most of our homes are packed full of negative pillars. This month we are going to declutter the negative pillars and then place positive pillars around your home.

Let’s look at what negative pillars could be.

Anything that is broken or makes your daily life harder.

Clothing items that when you pick them up bring up a negative experience.

Things that are leftover from past relationships and when you see them make you feel badly or sad. Think letters, jewelry, clothing, knick-knacks, text messages, photos, etc.

Things you just hate but feel guilty for wanting to throw away.

Gifts that you don’t like or use.

Start spending 15 minutes a day getting rid of this stuff.

When the negative pillars are gone, start putting up pillars that’ll support the new goals you have set from last month. Need some ideas?¬†Get out favorite pillars here.

Until tomorrow,



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