Day 1

Dear New Flame,

Every day we make choices or take steps.

At the Euphoric life we prefer to use the term steps because it’s more empowering.

Choices can feel negative especially when life doesn’t turn out the way we expected. By saying that we made bad choices even though at the time we thought we were making good choices, we take on judgement and too much responsibility.

Life is not an all you can eat buffet which unlimited options all of the time.

For example, if you’re divorced, you fell in love with someone and took a step forward. However, you didn’t get the choice to interview, date, and pick from all of the potential partners in the entire world.

Instead you took the best step forward that you could using all the knowledge that you had accumulated up to that point.

The Euphoric Life Journey focuses on taking small, purposeful baby steps toward specific goals. Combine those baby steps over time and you create a restorative impact on how you feel about yourself, you create a better reality, and you develop secure relationships.

From now on, think about the big picture but then break it down into lots of small, concentrated baby steps, and celebrate the completion of those baby steps.

Your second task is to read and print out the Flame Vow.

Do it now!

Until tomorrow,


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