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Journey Direction for the week of April 8th through 14th is Reality.

Creating a euphoric life is about living your dreams, big or small!  Dreams don’t fall out of the sky and land in your lap. You have to create them. Here at the Euphoric Life Journey we turn dreams into reality.

A euphoric reality is achieved by setting up and achieving goals. Goal are achieved by baby steps, consistency, and progress not perfection.

The first goals that need to be achieved are in the areas where you’re feeling pain or discomfort in life. It’s hard to chase the really big dreams if there are topics that causing an energy drain.  Start with your pain points and get them soothed to a manageable state while developing the big dreams.  Once the pain points are manageable the big dreams get clearer and easier to achieve.


Monday April 8, 2019

Daily Quest – April is always the month that I think of as Spring Cleaning month.  That’s exactly what were doing this month. We’re picking one of your Love Locks and working to improve it…creating a shift in your mindset. This is reality week! This week we’re exploring how that Love Lock is impacting your reality.  Today is also self-appreciation day. 

Remember that Love Lock that you were working with last week?


Today’s quest is to spend time thinking about what your life would look like if you didn’t have that Love Lock.

How would life be different?

How would you act if you didn’t have that Love Lock?

What would change?

Day Theme – Appreciation Plan

On Mondays, we do the weekly Appreciation Plan. The week is just starting out and there isn’t a better time to make yourself feel like a million bucks so that you’re the happiest and most productive self for the week ahead.

Spend 15 minutes doing this and add it to your Journey Guide for the week. Click here to download your copy of  The Weekly Genuine Appreciation Restoration Plan


Tuesday April 9, 2019

Daily Quest – Today, I’m asking you to take a leap or take a step out of your comfort zone. Maybe even to be brave! 

This week I want you to act as if you didn’t have that Love Lock. Think of being an actress this week.

I’ll give you an example. If your Love Lock is “I’m not good enough”, then this week you are going to act or pretend that you are good enough.

You’ll have to accept that for this week you’re not going to judge yourself based on your Love Lock.

You’re not going to care about what others think based on your Love Lock.

You’re going to live this week like your Love Lock doesn’t exist.

By the way, you aren’t really being actress, you’re returning to who you really are.

Day Theme – Procrastination 

Tuesday is the day that we deal with the little things that we have been putting off. Those little things add up over time and make life feel stressful and chaotic.

Today spend 15 minutes checking off those little things.


Wednesday April 10, 2019

Daily Quest – Being free of your Love Lock isn’t something that you’ll be free from overnight but you’ve built up some habits and some ways of behaving based on your Love Locks.  That’s why we’re looking at how your Love Lock is impacting your reality.

Yesterday, you started to pretend that you didn’t have your Love Lock.

How did that go?

Did it feel hard?

Did you feel unsure of yourself?

We’re able to do it?

I’m pretty sure it did. I know that every time I run into one of my Love Locks it’s easier to maintain the status quo instead of challenging it.  It’s easier to accept the Love Lock. It’s safe feeling.

However, that safety is false.  There is no safety in believing your Love Lock.  Your Love Lock is like believing that because you have an air bag in your car that you won’t get into a car accident.

Today, you are still going to pretend that you don’t have that Love Lock. I want you observe how you would normally act verses how you really want to act. How is that Love Lock really impacting your life?

Day Theme – Acts of Kindness 

Small acts of kindness ripple out into the world in amazing and unexpected ways. Creating change and a euphoric life is about small steps that have huge impact. By being kind you’re not only helping yourself but all the people in your life and all the people in their live. A little ripple can turn into a wave.

Today look for ways to be kind to yourself, friends and family, and strangers.


Thursday April 11, 2019

Daily Quest – Let’s discuss the two types of Love Locks today.  Love Locks essentially fall into two categories: 

  1. You can change this thing about yourself.
  2. You can’t change this thing about yourself.

Meaning that you control number one and you don’t control number two.


Let’s talk about control and how it relates to each category. Let’s not look at how hard it is to control the topic but can you influence it or work on it to change it.

Let’s say your Love Lock is that you hate how you look.

What about how you can you control?

Can you control how your hair looks?

Can you control your weight?

Can you control living a healthy lifestyle that would help promote a healthier you?

Now what about the things that you can’t control?

How about how tall you are?

Your genetics?

Your foot size?

Here’s the thing…The solution to either category is the same. It’s a mindset shift. You have to shift your mindset to a positive one in either case. If you can control or change something to remove your Love Lock, you’ll have to shift your mindset so that you can find your solutions and stop letting your Love Lock get in the way.  If you can’t change it or control it, you’ll have to shift your mindset to acceptance and then to feeling positive. Otherwise you’re Love Lock will always impact your life. It doesn’t create safety. It creates lack of happiness and opportunity.

Day Theme – Gold Stars

Goals don’t achieve themselves.

Today let’s review our goals and spend 15 minutes taking a baby steps to completing them.

When you’re done, place a gold star in your Journey guide!  Way to make your Flame burn bright!

Friday April 12, 2019

Daily Quest – It’s been an intense week. I’ve asked you to exit your comfort zone. WAY out of your comfort zone. 

It’s date night. So let’s take it a little easy but let’s approach your date night solo…without your Love Lock.

What would you like to do tonight?

What does your Love Lock prevent you from doing?

What would you do tonight if you didn’t have that Love Lock?

Here’s the thing about Love Locks, they impact EVERY area of our lives.

They take so much from us.

They can make people feel so far removed from who they really are.

Even if you couldn’t pull off acting as if you didn’t have your Love Lock, you created a lot of awareness this week.

Awareness heals!

Knowledge seals!

You have more awareness and knowledge now.

Which means that your on the right track. You’re healing! You’re coming back to your authentic self.

Day Theme – Date Night

It’s been a long week so time to make tonight a little special.

Take yourself on a date.  Go out someplace fun or grab some take-out and curl up on the couch with a good book or movie. Do anything as long as it’s special and fun.  It doesn’t have to big, it can be one simple thing that makes you feel happy! Don’t over complicate it.

If you can’t think of something, do the Loving Me Quest!


Saturday April 13, 2019

Daily Quest –No quests on the weekends. However this is reality week so if you have 15 minutes do something that improves your reality.  For example, menu planning for the month, a quick vacuum and dust, clean out your car and purse, laundry, some much needed TLC, some relationship development, or some goal achievement.

Day Theme – Planning

Today is the day to set up your Journey Guide and plan for the week. Spend 15 minutes setting up your Journey Guide for the week.


Sunday April 14, 2019

Daily Quest – No quests on the weekends. However this is reality week so if you have 15 minutes do something that improves your reality.  For example, menu planning for the week, a quick vacuum and dust, clean out your car and purse, laundry, some much needed TLC,  or some goal achievement.

Day Theme – Inner Peace

Today is the day to renew and strengthen your spirit.

Spend some time today doing something that makes your spirit fly.


Daily Reminders



Euphoric Morning

Get up 15 minutes earlier

How will you implement your word of the week today?

3 Nice things about yourself

Eat a healthy breakfast

Clean up after yourself

Read your Journey Notes


Euphoric Day

Daily Quest

Work on the Monthly Journey

Goal Action Steps

Eat Lunch


Euphoric Night

Eat dinner

Double check your Journey Notes

Get ready for the next day

Tidy your home 10 minutes

Go to bed 15 minutes earlier

Write in your Journey Guide


Daily Healthy Habits Reminders

planner front.png

Drink Water

8 Hours of Sleep

15 Minutes of movement

15 Minutes of me time

Eat something healthy

Limit screen time before bed and first thing in the morning

Journey Direction for the week of  8th through 14th is Reality.

Click here to learn more about The Single Girl’s Club!

Loving Me Quest ​

Monthly Habit

The Journey for the month of April is the Euphoric Morning Routine


How you start your morning sets the tone for the entire day.


Euphoric Morning

Get up 15 minutes earlier – Getting up a few minutes earlier, you give yourself a few minutes of breathing time.

How will you implement your word of the week today? – Planning and baby steps my dear flame is how we turn our lives into a euphoric experience. You picked a word that you wanted to become your reality and that takes action. Figure out how you are going to incorporate that word into your life today.

3 Nice things about yourself – Why not start the day feeling good about who you are?

Eat a healthy breakfast – Fuel your body so that it can help you create your euphoric life.

Clean up after yourself – You don’t want to return home or work in a home all day that feels messy. That’s not euphoric! Spend 5 to 15 minutes tidying up.

Read your Journey Notes– Now that your up and at them it’s time to check your email and read your Journey Notes. Please don’t open your email or social media until you’re already up and at it. Studies have shown that if we read email or get on social media when we first wake up, it changes our brains to a reactive state instead of a calm and action orientated state.

Make your morning calm and special!


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