Sneak Peek of The Week Ahead


Friday February 8, 2019

Daily Quest – Pick a mini goal today. Something that will take you 15 minutes to complete and get it done!

I know you have a small thing that you can do today that’ll make a big difference in your day-to-day life.

Shave your legs, tidy up the fridge, make a call, clean out your email, get some research done or take an action step toward your big goal.

Can you knock one off your list today?

Can you finish up one up in 15 minutes today?

Let’ go into the weekend feeling accomplished and relaxed.

15 minutes! Go!

Day Theme – Date Night

It’s been a long week so time to make tonight a little special.

Take yourself on a date.  Go out someplace fun or grab some take-out and curl up on the couch with a good book or movie. Do anything as long as it’s special and fun.  It doesn’t have to big, it can be one simple thing that makes you feel happy! Don’t over complicate it.

If you can’t think of something, do the Loving Me Quest!


Saturday February 9, 2019

Daily Quest –No quests on the weekends. However this is reality week so if you have 15 minutes do something that improves your reality.  For example, menu planning for the month, a quick vacuum and dust, clean out your car and purse, laundry, some much needed TLC, some relationship development, or some goal achievement.

Day Theme – Planning

Today is the day to set up your Journey Guide and plan for the week. Spend 15 minutes setting up your Journey Guide for the week.


Sunday February 10, 2019

Daily Quest – No quests on the weekends. However this is reality week so if you have 15 minutes do something that improves your reality.  For example, menu planning for the week, a quick vacuum and dust, clean out your car and purse, laundry, some much needed TLC,  or some goal achievement.

Day Theme – Inner Peace

Today is the day to renew and strengthen your spirit.

Spend some time today doing something that makes your spirit fly.


Monday February 11, 2019

Daily Quest – Quiet on the set. Filming in 3 – 2 – 1 – 15 minutes of Action!

They say that a goal without action is just a wish. Today my dear flames is all about taking action. Not research, not planning…doing!

What goal are you working on? Your mini goals? Your big goal?  Your career goals? Your home organization? Your kids goals?

15 minutes of action today.  Do the next step and do it now! 🙂

Day Theme – Appreciation Plan

On Mondays, we do the weekly Appreciation Plan. The week is just starting out and there isn’t a better time to make yourself feel like a million bucks so that you’re the happiest and most productive self for the week ahead.

Spend 15 minutes doing this and add it to your Journey Guide for the week. Click here to download your copy of  The Weekly Genuine Appreciation Restoration Plan

Tuesday February 12, 2019

Daily Quest –  We all have big goals for life. However, we also have tons of little mini goals that impact our daily lives.  Goals that we would like to get done but for some reason we keep putting them off.  It’s the achievement of those little goals that creates a huge improvement in the quality of life.

For example, the closet that you fear opening because an avalanche of stuff will come down, the junk drawer that has become a monster, researching a the next step in the big goal, banishing your Love Locks, or looking for a new job.

Spend 15 minutes today tackling a mini goal.  Only 15 minutes. Not 5 minutes more. Creating a Euphoric Life doesn’t happen in one day.  It’s about progress not perfection, consistency,  and baby steps.

I promise you that if you spend 15 minutes a day doing that in less than 3 months your life will be 100% better.

Day Theme – Procrastination 

Tuesday is the day that we deal with the little things that we have been putting off. Those little things add up over time and make life feel stressful and chaotic.

Today spend 15 minutes checking off those little things.


Wednesday February 13, 2019

Daily Quest –  Yesterday you picked a mini goal to work on. Today let’s look at that big life changing goal. What do you can you do today to move that goal along?

Do you need to research something?

Do you need to figure out the next step or the first step?

Do you need to work on your to do list?

Do you need to schedule things in your Journey Guide?

Do you learn how to do something?

Do you need to order something?

Spend 15 minutes today doing something that moves that big goal along.

Day Theme – Acts of Kindness 

Small acts of kindness ripple out into the world in amazing and unexpected ways. Creating change and a euphoric life is about small steps that have huge impact. By being kind you’re not only helping yourself but all the people in your life and all the people in their live. A little ripple can turn into a wave.

Today look for ways to be kind to yourself, friends and family, and strangers.


Thursday February 14, 2019

Daily Quest – Happy Valentine’s Day!

Today is the start of a new week and the last day of reality for this month. So wrap up the mini goals for the week. Don’t worry we’ll be back next month to knock more off the list. Set up your action steps in your Journey Guide for your big goal and don’t forget to Kiss the Baby Daily.

Above all celebrate your wins!

We’ll be moving in to Relationships tomorrow.

Day Theme – Gold Stars

Goals don’t achieve themselves.

Today let’s review our goals and spend 15 minutes taking a baby steps to completing them.

When you’re done, place a gold star in your Journey guide!  Way to make your Flame burn bright!

Daily Reminders



Euphoric Morning

Get up 15 minutes earlier

How will you implement your word of the week today?

3 Nice things about yourself

Eat a healthy breakfast

Clean up after yourself

Read your Journey Notes


Euphoric Day

Daily Quest

Work on the Monthly Journey

Goal Action Steps

Eat Lunch


Euphoric Night

Eat dinner

Double check your Journey Notes

Get ready for the next day

Tidy your home 10 minutes

Go to bed 15 minutes earlier

Write in your Journey Guide


Daily Healthy Habits Reminders

planner front.png

Drink Water

8 Hours of Sleep

15 Minutes of movement

15 Minutes of me time

Eat something healthy

Limit screen time before bed and first thing in the morning

Journey Direction for the week of March 8 through 14 is Reality.

Click here to learn more about The Single Girl’s Club!

Loving Me Quest ​

Monthly Habit

February’s journey of the month is about Preparedness. Click here to get ideas and start getting prepared.


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