Journey Notes for days 29-30


Journey Direction for the week of January 29 through 31 is Euphoric Surprises.

The last couple of days of the month are surprise quest designed to sprinkle a little unexpected euphoric sugar into your life.

The goal with these quests are to add a little fun and celebrate that you made it through the month!


Sneak Peek of The Week Ahead

Friday March 29, 2019

Daily Quest – I love these random three days at the end of the month because I get to give you SURPRISE Quests. These are so fun. It’s date night and today is short and sweet.

Send yourself flowers today, go to the grocery store and buy a rose, a plant, or a simple token of Love for yourself and display where you can see it this weekend.

If you want to be an overachiever…. write one of your Three Times Two Thoughts down and put it with your token of LOVE!


 Day Theme ~ Date Night

It’s been a long week so time to make tonight a little special.

Take yourself on a date.  Go out someplace fun or grab some take-out and curl up on the couch with a good book or movie. Do anything as long as it’s special and fun.  It doesn’t have to big, it can be one simple thing that makes you feel happy! Don’t over complicate it.

If you can’t think of something, do the Loving Me Quest!

Do something with other people. Take your kiddo out on a date. Go out with friends, family, or your special someone.

Remember to KISS. Keep It Simple Sweetheart and just have a little fun!


Saturday March 30, 2019

Daily Quest- It’s Saturday which means no official quest. However, let’s day dream a little bit. What would make you happy, fulfilled, or delighted?

Do you have that vision in your mind?


Now Saturdays we use to plan for the week ahead. Today, I want you to figure out a few steps that you can take next month to make that day dream become your reality!


Day Theme – Planning

Today is the day to set up your Journey Guide and plan for the week.

Without a plan, nothing would ever get done. Creating a euphoric life takes planning.

Here are some things to create a plan for:

What are your goals for the week and what days will you work on them?

What is your menu plan for the week and when do you need to go shopping?

What are you wearing this week and is the laundry done?

What are you rewarding yourself with this week from the Appreciation Plan?

Are you set up for your Healthy Habits?  Water bottles, menu plan, exercise schedule, etc.

What will your date night be for the week?

When will you do your Loving Me Quest this week?


Write it all down in your Journey Guide. Spend 15 minutes making a plan for the week. Remember progress not perfect. Get it done!



Sunday March 31, 2019

Daily Quest- No official quest but this is a Coach’s Surprise Day. Sooo…..Here ya go, this one might be hard! Consider it a Challenge!

Love Locks…97% of women have them. One thing that they do is minimize your self worth. Which makes your spirit sad because you’re a glorious special sparkling snowflake.

Today pick one Love Lock and write a list of why that Love Lock is false. Evidence against that Love Lock. Build a new case why that Love Lock is nonsense.


Day Theme – Inner Peace

Today is the day to renew and strengthen your spirit.

Spend some time today doing something that makes your spirit fly.


Daily Reminders



Euphoric Morning

Get up 15 minutes earlier

How will you implement your word of the week today?

3 Nice things about yourself

Eat a healthy breakfast

Clean up after yourself

Read your Journey Notes


Euphoric Day

Daily Quest

Work on the Monthly Journey

Goal Action Steps

Eat Lunch


Euphoric Night

Eat dinner

Double check your Journey Notes

Get ready for the next day

Tidy your home 10 minutes

Go to bed 15 minutes earlier

Write in your Journey Guide


Daily Healthy Habits Reminders

planner front.png

Drink Water

8 Hours of Sleep

15 Minutes of movement

15 Minutes of me time

Eat something healthy

Limit screen time before bed and first thing in the morning

Journey Direction for the week of March 29 through 31 is Coach’s Choice.

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Monthly Habit

March’s Journey of the month is The Weekly Appreciation Plan.

Click here to start your appreciation plan.

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